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April 2012

2021-04-28 22:09 by Jonathan Buford

Quick Update - More CNC Action

tl_files/img/2012-04-27 21.16.10.jpg

We are cutting more parts and getting things worked out with the CNC workflow. With that, we’ve tried out a few different CAM packages to get the workflow we want, and it looks like we have potentially found a reasonable fit for the time being with CAMBam.

You can see the videos from today: 
Makible Update for Saturday April 28th

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2021-04-25 22:16 by Jonathan Buford

MakiLab Walkthrough and More Updates

We are steadily working towards putting the final pre-production prototype together for the MakiBox A6.

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2021-04-23 22:22 by Michael Tsang

MakiBox Parts Brief

Just a quick update before a longer one later today. I’m having to balance a family emergency with this, so keeping it brief.

Shown is the complete first batch of lasercut parts of the last design iteration. I’ll be cutting the CNC parts today, so should have them starting to be assembled by later today and with the motion platform tomorrow.

We are almost completely moved in and so are finally able to get things really set up and ready for production as we need.

The team will be in today (with the exception of Nick, who has a sick kid), and we will do a fairly long video to walk through everything.

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2021-04-11 22:56 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 Progress - MakiLab, Tilt Mechanism, and CNC Machine

Today has been a day of running around from place to place trying to pull together everything. We've covered building a tilt mechanism for the table for calibration, secured a CNC machine and almost a new mill and lathe, and picked up the keys to the still under renovation lab.


Here is the pile of the materials for making the current orders. Most of those boxen are the power supplies. All of this will get shifted to a truck and taken over from our current office space at BootHK to the new space tomorrow.

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2021-04-11 22:34 by Jonathan Buford

MakiLab Move - Day 1 CNC and Couch

We collected the new machine today and also got lucky to find an awesome couch for the new space.


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2021-04-10 23:21 by Michael Tsang

Movin Movin Movin - New Space, Machines, People, and Mechanism

I’ve put together a longer Post over at, but the gist is that we have a lot of good stuff happening here. We have initial access to the space, so we can start getting the production machines and materials in place. We scored a good piece of CNC machine kit which we will be using both for prototypes and production parts. Billy Han makes an appearance, he is going to be driving the electronics and software side of things.


I know these posts have been too few and far between lately, Billy and I will be working to keep everyone more in the loop as we are over the hump and progressing towards production.

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2022-04-02 18:29 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 Updated Assembly Design and Other Things


This week has been crazy. Starting to get Andres and Billy up to speed, finalizing the new space details, and dealing with the typical last minute supply problems.


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2022-04-01 18:39 by Michael Tsang

Awesome but Fast Week

Posted an update on

Things are running along. Lining up more people to come on board, found a good deal on aCNC machine for the space, and just working on keeping everything growing and going.

The final design revisions for the MakiBox are pretty sweet, and I’m looking forward to getting the parts back for it this week to hopefully have the final assembly to test. It will be so much better and faster with both a CNC and laser cutter available in the new space so we can just crank out new parts.

We are considering using some fast injection molds for the smaller plastic bits. This will make the production faster, but may still use CNC parts for the first 100-300.

We will be moving into the new space on April the 10th. This week is a bit dodgy in Hong Kong due to a few public holidays, so we will see how smoothly things go and may need to revise the production schedule to make sure things are not too rushed.

Thanks again for being part of this amazing project, there are many exciting things in the works that you have enabled.

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