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May 2012

2021-05-30 20:24 by Jonathan Buford

Makibox is singing

The stepping motors are creating musicals!

Don't worry - the real makibox will be much more quiet than that - or at least it will sing in harmony.

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2021-05-29 20:31 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox - Anti-backlash On the Way

I had planned to get the z-axis in place and do up a video of that today, but after our weekly lunch show and tell we got going over the current mechanism and looking for areas that need to be improved. 


We've found some variance in the thread widths (not the pitch) on the drive screws, enough that we need to design a simple anti-backlash mechanism in to counter shifting when changing direction. This was something we anticipated, so not a suprise.

The photo is what we drew while talking through the options for how we can fix it, to give you an idea of our process. 

At the end of the discussion, we were happy with the general direction, and are going to sleep on it and detail it tomorrow.

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2021-05-26 20:43 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 Prototype First Steps

It makes noise, it moves, it is at least looking more like something that can print.


So, we have the X and Y axis installed and moving around. This was a busy day full of everything but building the prototype, so I'm happy to have gotten this progress in.

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2021-05-25 20:57 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox Prototype - Smoove and Ready to Moove

Today was the day that it seemed like everything started to happen at once. We made good progress with the production board setup and configuration, got some more details of the heatbed sorted, and started putting together the current prototype.


So far, it looks pretty amazing. We got as far as having all three axies assembled without the drive rods in place. This allows for seeing what kind of movement we can expect, but can reasonably know it will just get more solid. There were some screws we needed to pick up shorter versions of, so the mechanism will just get more rigid as well. Separately, we were working on the firmware and testing out production electronic boards, so we should have everything ready to start running the prototype representative of the production product. You can see in the video that the movement is smooth and very promising already.

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2021-05-22 21:12 by Jonathan Buford

Everything is Lining Up

Today, we got some parts for the motion platform output that are aligned the way we want them.


That means that we are ready to start cranking on getting the moving, working, FEP prototype together. 

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2021-05-18 21:27 by Jonathan Buford

Progress and Pellets

This week was one of those that you just plow through and keep trying until you get the required results.


The parts were accurate, but because we are doing a two sided process, there was some mis-alignment between the two sides which made the parts just off enough that they couldn't be used.

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2021-05-12 21:40 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 Prototype Case

The case is looking pretty sweet in this video. We will ship in a choice of clear or a solid color, but this is just colored what we had around.

The mechanism will be going together over the next couple of days and then we can start scheduling the production at that point.

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2021-05-12 21:35 by Michael Tsang

Hot End Stress Testing and Prototype Building

This has been the week that everything is coming together.

First off, we used and abused the new hot end heater, even getting it up to 445C before killing it while putting 30V and over 3A of power through it. It took us three tries to kill it, taking it up over 400C a few times but having soldered connections melt or something similar.

The last few days have been getting the CNC parts panelized and test cutting them. And today we started the final prototype assembly with the casing looking pretty sharp, ready for the motion platform tomorrow.

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2021-05-11 21:47 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox Hot End 445C Stress Test

Brutal, just brutal. We had to see what will kill the new flex circuit based hot end, and we found it. 100W of power which resulted in 445C temperature.


Check out the video of us cranking it up to 11.

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2021-05-09 21:55 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 Flex Circuit Hot End First Test


History was made in the MakiLab today, along with a scortch mark on the desk. We tested out the new flex circuit based hot end.

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2021-05-09 21:00 by Michael Tsang

Flex Circuit Hot End is, um, Hot!

We tested out the new flex circuit hot end today for the first time. See the post and video.

This is significant for a few reasons, one is that it will be a less expensive and more efficient hot end. We are testing out the other aspects this week, so will have more to talk about.

We are working on the other parts for the prototype, and will post up more tomorrow.

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2021-05-04 22:01 by Jonathan Buford

Friday Night Update From the MakiLab

Team Update:

Things are rockin along here with the team, getting the MakiBox finished and together.

The final designs for the hot end and heat bed were worked out this week, with the table getting a stainless support and the bed itself going stainless. We have a flex circuit coming in on Monday for the final design of that. The CNC fixture is in progress, and we will be able to crank out panels of parts for production using that.

We are shooting for having the parts for this in house this week, so target having the prototype by Wednesday in one form or another. I can’t wait to see this all come together.

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