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August 2012

2021-08-27 21:15 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox A6 Pellet Drive Dry Run


We started to test the assembled pellet drive tonight, but found that it was getting intermittently stuck at one point. After looking into (literally) the barrel to see where the pellets are getting jammed, we were able to improve the problem, but not eliminate it tonight. Basically, they are getting stuck where the transition is too sudden. We will change the barrel design again tomorrow and give it another go.

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2021-08-24 21:37 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox A6 - General Update for August 24th

It has been one of those weeks of packed days and constant incremental progress.


We are making progress on many fronts of wrapping up the development and continue to get things setup in preparation for the production.

Where to start?

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2021-08-17 21:59 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox - Hangout on Air Details

We've set up the event for 9pm HK time tonight. If there is anyone that can't make it then, but can make it to the original 7pm, let us know. We are hoping this will be a little bit better for those between Europe and Asia, moving in a Westward direction. 

See you soon.

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2021-08-17 21:08 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox - Open House Postponed for Two Weeks, Hangout Still On


This has been a particularly active typhoon season here, at least after the last few years. Today we had to wrap up early due to another storm coming in, so we will just have to see what is ready for tomorrow's Hangout. 

For those of you in Hong Kong that were planning to come to the open house, we will be postponing it for two weeks since we couldn't confirm the food in time with the storm.


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2021-08-14 22:19 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox Update - MakiLab Open House and Hangout Friday


It has been a while since we moved in, we are finally close to wrapping up the MakiBox A6 and we are getting pretty cosy here, so we want to invite everyone over to see our lab before we hit production.

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2021-08-14 21:25 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox Update - HK Mini Maker Faire


Last Saturday we had the opportunity to be part of the first Maker Faire in Hong Kong. There were around 20 makers showing their projects off, mostly robots. It was a very busy day, going non-stop from around 2-5pm with people coming through constantly and then tapering off until we wrapped up after 6.

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2021-08-08 22:55 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox Pellet Colors

We received the first colored pellets for the upcoming shipments today, and the colors turned out great.


Everything is saturated and vibrant, so the prints should turn out the same. 

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2021-08-06 23:02 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 - More Fitting and Some Details

We are steadily checking out the fit and finish of the parts. At the same time we are sorting out the best way to assemble the kit for the instruction manual.


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2021-08-02 23:24 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 - Assembled Stainless and Controller Board Fit Check


We can haz stainless! Today we were testing out the general fit and finish of the outer casing and the internal structure before adding in the moving bits and pieces.

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2021-08-01 16:09 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 - Laser Cut Parts In

We received some shiny bits tonight. It is late, so just posting up a couple of shots before going to find some dinner. We will assemble these bad boys tomorrow and get some better pictures tomorrow.


Just holding up the stainless panels against one of the previous versions.


We have four sets here to test.

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