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October 2012

2021-10-31 17:28 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox Midweek Glimpse - Made to Measure


This week is filled with testing a stronger gear box and connecting up the rest of the extrusion system to start test prints.

The photo is the magnetic rotary sensors we are using for tracking the filament output. These chips sense the angle of rotation of a magnetic field precisely enough that we will have around 0.03mm or better accuracy on the movement of the filament available.

We've been doing some reconfiguring of hosting, preparing to switch to the new site, and inadvertently ran into some extended routing issues on the site that should be resolved. We will be bringing the new blog/store/forum live soon that will focus on MakiBox.

Stay tuned later this week, it is likely to be some hot messy plastic getting laid out in geometric patterns.

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2021-10-27 17:10 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox A6 Weekend Update - Smooth Extrusion, Check!


Finally! Yes, finally, we have very smooth and strong output from the pellet extruder and can start the final integration into the Alpha units.We spent the last few weeks taking the last extruder design that had a reasonable output and tuning that up so that there is no binding up and that the output force is sufficient to extrude at a low enough temperature.

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2021-10-24 16:16 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox Midweek Glimpse - In The Zone


We are deep in the design space of melt zones and thermal gradients this week. In the pic is today's test rig using a composite of brass and stainless to test if there is a broader, more uniform gradient along the barrel, with a focused heat source at the nozzle. The nozzle looks like it is doing what we need, but the brass barrel worked too well and ended up melting the whole load of pellets when we bumped the nozzle to 240C.

In other news, our revised USB interface firmware is shaping up to not require any drivers across all platforms, so really will be a simple install or even just an executable program.

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2021-10-21 16:03 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox A6 Update - Work In Progress Week

Here at the MakiLab, there are so many things that are happening, but, they are all in progress.


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2021-10-17 17:21 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox Midweek Glimpse - Powering Up


This week, we are working towards getting the system together as soon as possible. It looks like we have some progress in smoothing out the output from the pellet extruder, so we will be in a good position to feed it through the print head soon. 


The photo is of the prototype power board that has the power socket, switch, and fuse on it, and distributes power to the main board. 

We may also be moving to our new site this week, so there may be a new look coming. For those that have registered for updates here, you will need to create an account on the new site, but this will also be the home for support for the MakiBox with integrated forum and everything.

For those that missed the Hangout, check out either the video:

Or you can read Ross's summary if you don't have two hours to spare.

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2021-10-10 15:52 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox Midweek Glimpse - Gearing Up!


What's that you say? You think the MakiBox could use some huge, tough looking gears? Well, we are working on just that right now.

 We are trying some variations of nozzles which have helped us to reduce the running temp and the backpressure in the system, and now we are building a gearbox to assist the mechanism. In parallel, we are working on the feedback electronics so that we can make the flow nice and smooth and operate ninja quiet (or at least not be annoying). 

For those that have a hankering to chat a bit, we will host another Hangout on Air at this time: Saturday early for some, late Friday for others. We will have more coming up at different times for those that can't make it live, and it will be on Air, so would be available later on the YouTube.

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2021-10-08 15:59 by Michael Tsang

#MakiBox A6 Update - G+ Crosspost


This time you will have to hop to G+ to check out the Update Awesomnes - because lately Posterous & our DNS don't go together :(

G+ Pellet Extruder Filament Output

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2021-10-03 16:16 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox A6 Midweek Glimpse - It's a Barrel of Fun Here


This week is turning out to be a good one so far with steady progress on all fronts. We should have some good stuff to share at the end of the week.

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