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November 2012

2021-11-28 06:29 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox Update - A6 Printing Smoothly, Public Demos, and the Scribble


This last week and today has been an amazing time to show off the Alpha A6 and also a new concept we are calling the Scribble.

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2021-11-22 04:00 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox A6 - Printing Improvements Midweek Teaser

tl_files/img/20121121_225020 (2048x1536).jpg

Yes, that is ABS, printed at 0.2mm layer height directly on the stainless bed with no warping or anything. We should have added support material to keep the bottom layers intact, but we can do that next time.

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2021-11-19 05:04 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox A6 - We Can Haz Print!

First Print! 

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2021-11-15 00:12 by Nils Hitze

#MakiBox A6 Teaser & Shipping Raise

Extruder in the Makibox

In this post we will talk about Shipping Costs, your Options to choose and some Updates from the MakiLab.

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2021-11-10 08:48 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox A6 - Sloppy Firsts

It has been a long week, and we finally have the system starting to work to put molten plastic down in a regular pattern.

I'll get some pretty pictures up later, but click on for a couple of videos to keep you busy.


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2021-11-07 17:35 by Jonathan Buford

#MakiBox A6 - Tuning into a Print

Today has been another long day of getting the test machine up and running. It is really looking sweet as far as the movement, but it looks like the test print will happen tomorrow after making a revised nozzle.


The current nozzle has an output of 0.3mm, which provides a fair amount of back pressure. It looks like we might move to a 0.4mm output for testing and then go back to tune up the rest of the system to get back to the 0.3mm.

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