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October 2013

2021-10-31 22:44 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 - Mass Production First Shipments


Above is MakiBox supporter #1's kit waiting for him to come and assemble it at the lab next week.

Today was a day of everyone working to see the first boxes out the door of this production run.

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2021-10-28 23:48 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 Production Update

We are pulling out the stops and getting the production to see piles of boxes going out the door this week (as opposed to just coming in). 

For reference, here is the approximate production windows currently for orders based on the type and original order date.

Prod Date

Oct 31 Mar 2012  
Nov 7 Jun 2012  
Nov 14 Nov 2012 Jun 2013
Nov 21 Jun 2013  
Nov 28 Oct 2013 Oct 2013
Dec 7 Dec 2013 Dec 2013

We will send out a notice email approximately 2 weeks before the target date to let you know your order is queued up. If you think you are supposed to be in a production slot and did not receive a notice yet and it is less than 2 weeks, please send email to

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2021-10-10 20:59 by Jonathan Buford

MakiBox A6 Update - Production Windows


The boxes are piling up. The software is being iterated. It is like a factory or something here.

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