5DPrint D8 design files released

2022-03-27 01:13 by Martyn Kay (comments: 11)

D8 with the D8

For all those who’ve been requesting them I’m pleased to announce that the design files and BoM for the 5DPrint D8 controller are now public on BitBucket.

The schematics and PCB layout were created using Altium Designer 14.  For those who don’t have access to the full version of AD there’s a free viewer available on the downloads page of the Altium website.  If you don’t wish to download the viewer for whatever reason then there’s a smart PDF of the schematics included with the design files.  However, you will need AD in some form to view the PCB layout properly.

If anyone wishes to purchase the D8 controllers separately then we have them in stock and they’re available to buy now in our store.

The design files for the rest of the A6 electronics will follow shortly, along with a guide on how to install the regulator on the power breakout board for powering a Raspberry Pi (or whatever else you wish to feed from it!).

Big thanks to everyone for your continued support!

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Comment by Narimaan Valian | 2022-03-27

That's great new Martyn. I was just wondering though, are you able to comment on the D8 board's compatibility with other firmwares like Marlin and such? I know the D8 board is very similar to the Printrboard Rev B with some key improvements, but is it similar enough to the printrboard to work with a firmware compiled for the printrboard or would there need to be some serious changes to be made to the firmware in terms of ports and such before trying to upload it to the board?

Comment by Richard Hercher | 2022-03-27

My burning question: will it work with the Extrudrboard from printrbot?

Comment by Narimaan Valian | 2022-03-27

I have a feeling the extruder board won't work (at least without some mods and firmware reworking) because the printrboard uses a 14 pin header to connect to it while the closest thing on the D8 board is a 12-pin header, but I hope someone from Makible confirms or disputes my answer because at best I'm only making an educated guess.

Reply by Martyn Kay

@Narimaan: Other firmwares will certainly work with the D8, however, there are quite a few pin changes between the Printrboard and the D8 so the pin definitions will have to be modified in the code.  Also, the D8 has all of the microstepping inputs on the stepper drivers tied to I/O on the MCU and the Vref inputs to each stepper driver are provided by a digipot, controlled over I2C, so you’d also have to roll in support for these.  Another addition that requires a FW mod is the buzzer, but obviously adding support for this isn’t critical.

I know that Printrbot have added an I2C DAC to their Rev.F of the Printrboard, for the same purpose that we’re using the digipot, so working off their latest flavour of Marlin as a base should make adding support for the digipot a bit easier.

@Richard: The Extrudrboard is potentially compatible with the D8, as all it requires is some basic I/O for the stepper drivers and a couple of A/D inputs for the thermistors, although it would require a custom interface harness/PCB and some firmware modifications to get it working.

If there’s enough demand for it then we may consider doing our own add-on board in the future.

Comment by Richard Hercher | 2022-03-31

Ah! I figured the firmware would need to be addressed, but I missed the number of expansion pins was different. I do have another question: what are the 6 "ISP" pins for? Thanks!

Reply by Martyn Kay

It's for In-System Programming (Atmel ISP app. note) using a programmer such as the AVRISP mkII or AVRDUDE.  It's used to program the onboard flash and EEPROM of the MCU.  Most users generally won't need to use it though as we have a bootloader on there to allow firmware updates over USB.  The only reasons you'd want to flash the MCU on the D8 using an ISP programmer is if you wanted to change the bootloader or modify the fuse and lock bits settings (or if you were having issues running a FW update using the bootloader).

This header can also be used to connect external devices or expansion boards to the SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) bus.

Comment by andybox | 2022-04-01


Thanks for sharing the design.

Would you mind uploading the Gerber layout files as well?


Reply by Martyn Kay

@andybox: No problem, I will get them up for you over the coming weekend.

Comment by Andy Castille | 2021-04-12

Are there any printers going out this week?

Comment by Kieron Marshall | 2021-04-14

Martyn, Will it be changed so that you can plug any hotend into the D8 and it autotunes etc as needed?

Reply by Martyn Kay

@andybox: Manufacturing files are now up on BitBucket.

@Andy: I'm an engineer so not involved with shipping, but I would assume so.

@Kieron: It is planned that the autotune feature will be added to our FW in the future, however, it is not something that we're currently working on.  I've heard that there are some people currently working on a fork of Marlin for the D8 which may be worth looking into if you require use of autotune more urgently.

Comment by Narimaan Valian | 2021-04-15

Yah I was one of those people working to try and get Marlin forked for the D8, Martyn, though my endeavors were brought to a halt when I could not manage to figure out the pin mapping since apparently Marlin and Sprinter use different pin identification systems, so unless someone else can offer some help to resolve that main issue, I think that project (at least the one I tried starting) is at a standstill.

Reply by Martyn Kay

@Narimaan: We'll take a look and post the correct pin mapping for Marlin as we've had quite a few queries on this.

Comment by Stephane BUISSON | 2021-04-17

Hi Martin,

where can I find the power breakout board for powering a Raspberry Pi mod ?

If it's ready, could you point me in the right direction plz.

Reply by Martyn Kay

@Stephane: My apologies but the guide's still not up yet.  Matthias our community manager has been on to me for a while saying that there's people asking for the instructions in the forums so it is on my 'to do' list but just not enough hours in the day as had more urgent things on lately.

I'll do my best to get the guide up for you all this week.  It'll be going up in the 'support' section of the site under 'upgrades'.

Comment by Stephane BUISSON | 2021-04-29

Hi Martin,

with a D8 board +fan (3 wires)+ Repetier-Host :
How to get the variable fan speed ?

at the moment I got all or nothing with the 2 wires connected to the D8 and Repetier-Host at 100 %, if fan speed fall under that value it just stop.