5DPrint D8 design files released

2022-03-27 01:13 by Martyn Kay (comments: 11)

D8 with the D8

For all those who’ve been requesting them I’m pleased to announce that the design files and BoM for the 5DPrint D8 controller are now public on BitBucket.

The schematics and PCB layout were created using Altium Designer 14.  For those who don’t have access to the full version of AD there’s a free viewer available on the downloads page of the Altium website.  If you don’t wish to download the viewer for whatever reason then there’s a smart PDF of the schematics included with the design files.  However, you will need AD in some form to view the PCB layout properly.

If anyone wishes to purchase the D8 controllers separately then we have them in stock and they’re available to buy now in our store.

The design files for the rest of the A6 electronics will follow shortly, along with a guide on how to install the regulator on the power breakout board for powering a Raspberry Pi (or whatever else you wish to feed from it!).

Big thanks to everyone for your continued support!

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Comment by Arthur Haglund | 2021-05-22

I just got off the phone from a VERY lengthy call with Paypal.
A FRAUD complaint has been lodged by me.
There IS NOW an active fraud investigation of Makibox.
Paypal requests:
1. IF your order is less than 45 days old, contact them and file a not received case.
2. IF your order is over 45 days, call and talk to them, lodging a fraud complaint.
3. IF in the USA or using a USA Bank for payment or USA Paypal account, contact www.IC3.GOV
4. If there is a flood of complaints, Paypal will suspend Makibox's account and file federal internet charges. they have to, or they, themselves will be complicit in the fraud.

Makible is STILL telling via email, current inquiries that the stated 6-10 weeks production lead time is accurate, to order with confidence.

BTW, I have requested a refund twice and they do not even acknowledge the request.
At this point, I think, and could be wrong, that all the people who got their printers are all who ever WILL get their printer!
I think they are taking the money and folding up!

I hope not!