5D Print D8 Driver Board: Available for Purchase!

2022-02-25 22:31 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 35)

In Stock

In addition to nearing 1000 units shipped, we are proud to be able to now offer the new 5D Print D8 Driver Boards in stock.


The first shipments of these boards have shown that they are going to be a great value and a good replacement for the Printrboards.

We've decided to make the pricing pretty aggressive on these, because we think that we can offer a good value, high quality board for people to do some cool things. With the on the fly microstepping, this would be perfect for a lasercutter retrofit, avoiding the use of larger and more expensive driver modules for motors up to 2A. 


On the open source side, we are getting the design files and firmware ready for release sometime this week as well.

To that note, the MakiBox A6 open source version, the 5D Print A6, is available on Bitbucket, just in time for our shipping the 1000th unit soon. This design is Laser Cuttable and CNC/3D Printable, so is a bit more friendly for folks that want to make their own. 

Thanks everyone for helping to enable us to create and share this, we are looking forward to seeing what everyone does with it.

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Comment by Larissa Bono | 2022-02-26

I totally understand your arguments for selling it at that price of 99$, but don't you think that's a liiitle bit too much? I mean, when you normally build your own machine (3d printer, pcb mill etc) you as a user take the board that has the best functionality over price.

Also, this is 1/2 of a regular Makibox.

Comment by Mikk Kiilaspää | 2022-02-26

Too much?
I'd say it's cheaper than the Printrboard, that's it's out to improve on. At least when looking quickly at some providers.
Quick look yielded me with prices around $125 range.

Comment by Richard Hercher | 2022-02-26

It looks like a reasonable price. "A complete RAMPS DIY kit including Arduino MEGA clone and four Pololu stepper controllers will typically cost about $100 or €100. A complete Sanguinololu DIY kit will typically only cost about $80 or €80." from http://reprapbook.appspot.com

Now, $100US and €100 are very very different, but regional costs vary, too. Plus, this has been engineered more specific to the task (although I wonder if they will ever enable dedicated stand-alone printing via the microSD card)

Comment by Narimaan Valian | 2022-02-26

Releasing the design files for the A6 is great Jon! Now modding or designing upgrades for our A6's is about 100x easier! And not to sound ungrateful, but are there any plans in the future to release STL or even STEP files for the parts? Because for those who don't have Solidworks, opening the current files is kind of difficult.

Comment by Narimaan Valian | 2022-02-26

My bad, just found that STEP files in the directory, disregard that last question.

Comment by Richard Hercher | 2022-02-26

Oh! As long as we are adding individual parts to the store, any word when the Heated Bed/power supply upgrade for the LT might find it's way there? Or what it'll cost? I'd also love to see "spare parts" like the zen drive assembly. A lot of broken extruder wheels are showing up in the forums (again, not a knock on QC, you ship a thousand units, something's going to break a few dozen times). Or are those parts constrained for production?

Comment by Jon Buford | 2022-02-26

@Richard - This already has stand alone SD operation rolled in. We will be looking at offering more parts for sale in the future. Just starting with this.

Comment by Jon Buford | 2022-02-26

@Richard - This already has stand alone SD operation rolled in. We will be looking at offering more parts for sale in the future. Just starting with this.

Comment by Richard Hercher | 2022-02-27

Sweet, thanks Jon! I swear I thought I heard in the intro video that microSD printing was still disabled in firmware (like it was on the old printrboard) while it got sorted out. My bad.

Comment by Karl Löfgren | 2022-02-27

Nice work on soon reaching 1000 shipped printers!
I am a bit curious in how many orders on the actual printer you have so far? I have an order on two printers, and all it tells me is my order number which is 12 000+, does that mean i have to wait 36 weeks (300/w) or does the order number differ from actually ordered printers?
Keep up the good work!