5D Print D8 Video Walkthrough

2022-01-29 10:08 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 4)

What's updated and what's new?

Martyn, the design engineer responsible for the D8 development, talks through most of the features on this board. 

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Comment by MakiBox Member | 2022-01-29

Thank you Martyn. I really enjoyed your informative and proffessional presentaion this morning. Hope to soon se more videos by you.

Comment by Jack Wilkie | 2022-02-06

Just a question, is this what has recently been holding everything up?

Comment by Ben Farmer | 2022-02-10

Hi won't if you upgrade board wouldn't you have to drill a hole because the usb connector has moved?

Comment by FRANK | 2022-02-19

Martin, looks like you were put on the spot with this one, everyone saw how you looked up at Jon at the end of the vid.

Most people wouldn't know how a usb is connected from a 4007 diode, or that this board is any better than what other was first used, what I'm saying is how does anyone know this board is any good,, take you word for it,, and if it's not you get the blame, this board already looks like it was possibly in the works as it looks to have a 5D logo on it,, is that someones idea of being funny, that they branded it like it was in full production, seems more care is taken with branding than packing of actual printers.

Martin,, your left holding the bag on this one, you poor sod.