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2022-02-28 11:07 by Elliott Polk (comments: 14)

Them's the breaks...

As of late, a lot of our users have expressed issues with 5DPrint not responding properly, if at all. What's happing? Why isn't it responding?! Did I break it?! Nope, and here's why...

As of February 20, 2022 there was an update pushed to Chrome (Chrome 33 Stable) which breaks the version of the serial API of which 5DPrint heavily relies on. This has been thoroughly discussed in the applicable Chrome dev channels and known for some time that this change was coming, in turn breaking backwards compatibility.  No, this is not a "passing the buck" by any means. It is, unfortunately, a lack of in-house developer resources. We've been very focused on updating and resolving issues with the store and the accompanying admin tools behind the scenes. This will continue for some time in order to enhance the day-to-day business.

What does this mean for 5DPrint and all those MakiBox A6's in the wild? Not much. There are a variety of resources that can supplant 5DPrint in the short term:

My own, personal favorite in that list is OctoPrint due to it being a web application and the supporting team behind the project. There are images for the Raspberry Pi available that include OctoPrint, allowing remote management rather than depending on your daily-driver system. Others around the office tend to use Pronterface, just due to overall familiarity. And just to be clear, we do not have any affliation with either project, these are just alternatives that we've used ourselves and know to work with the MakiBox. There are several other projects out there that should be just fine, but have yet to be used internally here. You should visit our forums for more available options.

Does this mean 5DPrint will no longer be supported / worked on? Absolutely not. For me personally, 5DPrint is a bit of a labour of love. I know it's short-comings as well as how it should be improved both visually and functionally. We will be working on an API update in due time which will also include a general UI cleanup as well as varying bug-fixes that have been long overdue. All are highly encouraged to follow the project on GitHub, submitting issues and feature requests. Pull requests are always welcome.

As always, thanks for your continued support and I look forward to the next update.

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Comment by Antonio Orlando | 2022-02-28

What about using a "portable" Chrome with a version before the 33 Stable, updates disabled (and also in its most pure form, i.e. without plugins, etc. so to avoid any unwanted interactions with 5DPrint), 5DPrint address as start page, etc. and use it just for 5DPrint, so to take your time for a future upgrade while still working to improve the project? Maybe you could also provide a downloadable "5DPrint" which actually includes a pre-set portable Chrome.

Comment by dan obelix | 2022-02-28

I have iron portable version 28
(Iron=Chrome-GoogleSpyware so it runs all chrome compatible software). But you can't use the google store to download extensions.

Is there somewhere we can download the 5Dprint extension directly? Then its a simple drag and drop into chrome://extensions to install it. No mess, no fuss.

Comment by Roy T | 2022-03-01

You should remove 5dprint from the google store and not promote it on your site since you know it broke and no plan to fix soon. If you continue to promote broken 5dprint, that shows you don't care what grief you cause.

Comment by Elliott Polk | 2022-03-01

@dan https://github.com/Makible/5DPrint
You can download and load it from there. Just load the chrome-5dp dir via chrome://extensions

@Roy Or I could just fix it and continue to promote it. And trust me, I most certainly care or I wouldn't have made this post as well as provide options for the short term. But thanks for your feedback / suggestion.

Comment by dan obelix | 2022-03-02

Cheers, it seems to load fine. I don't have the makibox yet to test it though.

Goof-proof instructions
1.Go to https://github.com/Makible/5DPrint
2.Download the zip (button on right of page)
3.Extract files
4.open chrome://extensions
5.Tick "developer mode" box on right
6.Click "Load unpacked extension"
7.Select the sub-folder "chrome-5dp" from the extracted files


Comment by Richard Hercher | 2022-03-03

Sorry Dan, what Elliott is saying is that the communication to the printer is broke because Google changed how to talk over usb.

Comment by Richard Hercher | 2022-03-03

"Hey Elliott, whaaaat's happening? Say, I hear you forgot that Chrome was updating it's serial API. Did you get the memo? Because Google is changing how we are handling ALL serial calls going forward, and we'd just really appreciate it if we could all be on the same page. Do you need another copy of memo? Oh, and by the way, I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday, ok? Yeah, that'd be greaaaaaat. Gotta run, got a meeting with the Bobs. And, here's another copy of that memo. Thaaanks." (--Office Space. Too obscure?)

Comment by Gmo H | 2022-03-04

You guys are a little quiet on this but your counter is now over 1000!!!

Since some have gotten a package without getting their "shipping" notification I got a little excited last week when the postman left a note that no one was home to receive a parcel. I went to the post office a bit excited with anticipation and hoping it was my makibox (my mind ran wild wondering what it was without really paying attention to the description of the "package" that was waiting for me)...

My excitement evaporated as I picked up a package from the "taxman" instead. What a bummer...

Well, still patiently waiting for my package.

Comment by Aaron D'mello | 2022-03-04

@Gmo haha!! That's so funny.

I got excited reading that they had shipped out over 1000 units And checked my order status but unfortunately my order is still showing "production". Hopefully it will change soon *fingers crossed*.

Great job Makibox team on shipping out more than a 1000 units. :)

Comment by Alex Johnson | 2022-03-05

where is this counter ?
I'm buggered if I can find it.

So does 5dprint only work through chrome ?
And isn't that the biggest problem if it's the case.

Surely a web based program/app should work with all the major browsers.