MakiBox A6 - Zen Drive First Peek and Happy New Year!

2022-01-01 00:51 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 16)


Happy New Year! Here is the latest refinement that will be in the Betas this week. We are working on the parts for the first units, but did a quick retrofit of the new drive to the Apha 00 unit to test it out some. It works like a charm and has about half the parts of any existing filament drive out there.

More details to follow.

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Comment by Palma Zazzaretta | 2022-01-01

Happy new year!

Comment by berserk | 2022-01-01

Happy New Year Jon! and great job. Cool extruder.

Comment by Antonio Orlando | 2022-01-01

Wow, "2013-01-01 00:51".
Happy 2013!

Comment by Googlyhead Googlyhead | 2022-01-01

I'll echo that: cool extruder. Or at least filament pusher as the nozzle's separate.
Is that suspension / pinch wheel a non-driven one, or do they both have driven shafts?
I do wonder how other designs could require so many parts; all I can envision is a couple of gears driving a roller against a cassette-style pinch assembly. I guess we'll see how beneficial replacing that assembly is.

Comment by Ilya Nikitin | 2022-01-01

Happy new year!!!

Comment by Iwan Grau | 2022-01-01

Hi Jon and team, congrats on a great design, been watching for a long time and very keen on ordering an a6 ht plus ramen bundle to show my young daughters that things in life are not hard, with a printer like this they can easily make objects to fix things or invent new things - science fair should be fun ;). You guys have done a great job designing quality printer at a great price and even creating a recycle option!!! Thanks for the crazy hours you and your team put into making it a top notch design vs rushing out a half baked design ;) - love the spring drive wheel on the feeder, very clever - kudos!

Only two more items I am waiting to see, 1) the sw that sets up the system with presets for the popular hot tips and plastics, and ideally with a demo of how it mates to some 3d cad tool(s) like sketchup (google/garmen)
. 2) An indication of life expectancy based on trials your team is likely already running in accelerated environments.

Plus one question: the normal shipping to US ($55) quotes 1.5-2 months, indicates as if that is in addition to the ship date in about 2-3ms - am i reading that right?

Thanks and happy hollidays

Comment by John Nixon | 2022-01-02


I believe I read in a forum that yes, it should be on time for the 10 weeks out now (or less). Also, The 2-3 months is a little long I believe for shipping to the US via DHL (I used to work in shipping), 4 weeks is more appropriate depending on customs (should be fine since the holidays will be over) so more around 2-3 months until you have it.

Comment by Adam Gustafson | 2022-01-02

I'm hoping for the $108.36 I just paid for shipping to Australia it is here very quick.

Comment by Jon Buford | 2022-01-02

Happy New Year to Everyone!

@Googlyhead - The idle wheel is passive, so the movement is only driven by the drive wheel. There are tradeoffs with any design, this one gives up being able to move the idle wheel back off the drive wheel for loading and unloading.

@Iwan - the standard is via sea freight to the US, expedited is via air freight and then both are via a fast local delivery that takes 1-3 days. This is the same to the EU.

@Adam - It should take less than a week in transit, depending on customs, since it is direct air courier from HK.

Comment by butte metz | 2022-01-02

I see that the drive unloads the tension and pulls the filament back when the torque is released? Will there have to now be a delay added into the start gcode when the extruder starts and the load builds back up on the filament?

This looks like a good way of solving the excess string problem when extrusion starts and stops. A lot of people have been looking at a way to make the filament retract to make a cleaner start and stop,