Marlin on the D8

2021-04-28 17:42 by Martyn Kay (comments: 22)

D8 firmware, now with a choice of flavours

We've had quite a few people asking about getting Marlin running on the D8 over the past few weeks, so my colleague Cameron has come up with the goods for you all and is in the process of getting the code committed to the main Marlin release on GitHub.

We've run a number of prints with Marlin on the D8 over the past week and all of the main board functions are working sweet.  The only things not functioning correctly at the moment are the buzzer and USB comms LED, but these obviously aren't critical to the operation of the printer so we'll leave it up to you guys to tweak around with the code and get these working if you need them.

Please note that we won't be supporting Marlin as our main FW and will continue to ship the D8 boards with our 5DPrint Firmware.  This port of Marlin is simply to get all of you who want it up and running as quickly as possible.

As always, thanks to all for continuing to support our projects and please leave any questions/comments you have down below.

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Comment by Kieron Marshall | 2021-04-28

Can somebody more knowledgeable them me compile this and provide a link to download with instructions on flashing?

I have 2 replacement hotends to replace the junk hotend that came with the makibox, but can't try due to the lack of autotune that marlin apparently has.

Comment by Narimaan Valian | 2021-04-28

Wooohoooo! That's great Martyn! Thanks so much to you and your colleagues on getting the firmware to work on the D8 board! Can't wait for it to be officially committed to Marlin.

@Kieron, I'm not 100% sure how to compile it as it's not completely committed to the main branch yet, kind of a noob when it comes to using GitHub, but you mentioning flashing it does bring an interesting question to light:

Martyn, what did you guys use to flash the Marlin onto the board? I know to do it with a printrboard people had to use the Arduino build environment, so is that the case with the D8 board as well? Or were you still able to use just FLIP for windows or dfu-programmer for Mac/Linux?

Reply by Martyn Kay

Narimaan: You'll need to install the Arduino IDE and also Teensyduino as the Marlin build still relies on these libraries (this is one of the main things we've done with our 5DPrint FW is remove the reliance on these non-standard libraries).  Compile in the Arduino IDE with 'Teensy ++2.0' selected as the board then locate the generated .hex file in your temp folder and flash this to the D8 using one of the methods you mentioned.

Comment by jia jonas | 2021-04-28

My Order ID: 647,A6 HT Black,EA999455720HK,
i waited more than half year but didn't receive the product,recently i send many asking mails but didn't receive any answer,should i say that I was regularly cheated by makibox???

Comment by Kokoianer | 2021-04-29

Hey jonas, just a half year waiting?
well, I ordered (and paied) mine 7.2.13.
Over a year...
But I agree with you, I am not sure what to think about this.
I asked also sometime about the shipping time.
Try to write two mails at ones. You'll get two different answers, like I got ;)
But I still have hope I get one sometime. The hope dies last...

Comment by Kieron Marshall | 2021-04-29

Ok well the change has now been merged. trying to figure out what to do now.

Reply by Martyn Kay

Kieron, please see my response to Naariman's post above.

Comment by andybox | 2021-04-29


Please respond to this posting:

Send me the original component's Solidworks file and I'll see if I can fix it for you if you guys are slammed with other stuff.



Comment by Stephane BUISSON | 2021-04-29

Hi Martin,

with a D8 board +fan (3 wires)+ Repetier-Host :
How to get the variable fan speed ?

at the moment I got all or nothing with the 2 wires connected to the D8 and Repetier-Host at 100 %, if fan speed fall under that value it just stop.

Reply by Martyn Kay

Stephane: What firmware are you running (5DPrint or Marlin) and what version?

Comment by Robert Mackie | 2021-04-30

I'm confused. There has been only one posting to the blog in April. It talks about new support for new firmware on a product that was introduced after the A6 as far as I can tell --- Firmware that isn't part of the main offering of the company. Maybe a partner did it? If so fabulous. But how about the main business of delivering to customers who have paid in full, and been told that you will ship?

I opened a support ticket early in the month and was told a) the order backlog would be cleared by the end of the month and
b) this independently maintained (what does that mean?) google doc tracks orders shipped:

Maybe you've shipped me a printer? Maybe not? I don't even know that.

It looks to me like nothing has shipped for a while. What is going on that new features like marlin firmware support are getting attention but that new units aren't shipping. If there are impediments, let us know what's going on. If they are going out the door, let us know. If you've just blown all the money you collected in order to get the early units out and are hoping for a miracle, let us know. I really hope not. If you have, how do you plan to make good? Publish all plans, drawings and design materials open source so we can build our own?

The complete lack of useful *communication* about a product that has started shipping units but hasn't been delivered is very frustrating. Don't distract. Please report accurately.

I want to support you but depend on useful information to do that.


Comment by My Makibox | 2021-04-30

Well done guys!

By incorporating the D8 specs into Marlin, it should be easy for other printer models to use a D8 also. There's talk about building Deltas in DimSumLabs, so maybe we will use them there.

Reply by Martyn Kay

@My MakiBox: Thanks, this improved flexibility is exactly what we wanted to achieve by doing the Marlin port. Let me know if you get some deltas up and running at Dimsum, I'd be keen to come down and take a look at them.

Comment by Christian | 2021-04-30

@Robert Mackie

I think you missed something:
When you look in the table you can see:
10.04.2014 20:49:14 1,788
10.04.2014 21:04:14 1,787
10.04.2014 21:19:15 1,788
22.04.2014 03:19:14 1,788
22.04.2014 03:34:14 1,789
22.04.2014 07:34:15 1,789
30.04.2021 12:34:14 1,788
22.04.2014 07:49:14 1,788

As you can tell, one printer must found his way back to them on 10.04. - that must have been a huge suprise and a wakeup-call - because it seems, that something special happend afterwards:

They send one printer out!
Right after that!
On the same day!

But that's not enough! Only 12 days later ONE MORE printer was shipped (according to the data).

Well... and one came back from somewhere.

I'm going to get my money back tomorrow if I don't have an shipping-state with tracking number by then.
All in all this was a rather sad story.