Marlin on the D8

2021-04-28 17:42 by Martyn Kay (comments: 22)

D8 firmware, now with a choice of flavours

We've had quite a few people asking about getting Marlin running on the D8 over the past few weeks, so my colleague Cameron has come up with the goods for you all and is in the process of getting the code committed to the main Marlin release on GitHub.

We've run a number of prints with Marlin on the D8 over the past week and all of the main board functions are working sweet.  The only things not functioning correctly at the moment are the buzzer and USB comms LED, but these obviously aren't critical to the operation of the printer so we'll leave it up to you guys to tweak around with the code and get these working if you need them.

Please note that we won't be supporting Marlin as our main FW and will continue to ship the D8 boards with our 5DPrint Firmware.  This port of Marlin is simply to get all of you who want it up and running as quickly as possible.

As always, thanks to all for continuing to support our projects and please leave any questions/comments you have down below.

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Comment by Narimaan Valian | 2021-05-19

Follow the instructions here, they the easiest I've seen on the matter:

Comment by Arthur Haglund | 2021-05-22

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There IS NOW an active fraud investigation of Makibox.
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Makible is STILL telling via email, current inquiries that the stated 6-10 weeks production lead time is accurate, to order with confidence.

BTW, I have requested a refund twice and they do not even acknowledge the request.
At this point, I think, and could be wrong, that all the people who got their printers are all who ever WILL get their printer!
I think they are taking the money and folding up!

I hope not!