PID Autotune in 5DPrint FW

2021-05-23 16:35 by Martyn Kay (comments: 25)

Hot end tune-up

One of the main things pushing people away from the 5DPrint FW has been the lack of a functioning PID autotune feature for the hot end, so I'm pleased to announce that this feature is now fully functional in the latest .42 revision and is available to download now on BitBucket.

The PID autotune is invoked using the standard M303 command, with full details of the command now updated in the FW wiki.

Please test out the feature and let us know how you get on in the comments below.

In anticipation of the inevitable flurry of comments regarding shipping delays, refunds etc. I fully understand your frustration, however, as much as I sympathise and would like to help you I have no direct influence in any of this at present so am unable to provide any assistance.  In light of this I'd appreciate if you could please try to keep the comments on topic as much as possible.

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Comment by Citizen_Snips | 2021-05-23

I've been using the new firmware for a day or so and the auto tune seems to work good. I only ran it once but with the results my hot end only fluctuates 1 degree. I did have a weird issue though where the hot end would just stop heating up mid way through a print. Hot end is fine so I though it may be it's a bug in the firmware but I've been unable to reproduce it so I'm not sure what it is.

Comment by Christian | 2021-05-23

Finally a new blogpost from makible.

But (at least for me) it would be fare more interesting WHEN WILL I GET MY F*%#ING MONEY BACK???

Since I wrote the cancel-mail on May, 2nd I got no sign of living creatures in the support-team at all!

Order No. 4018

You are reading this while haven't bought a Makibox yet? Well, please consider it carefully!

Comment by James | 2021-05-23

Does this work for mac yet?

Comment by Robert Thomas | 2021-05-23

James, this is printer firmware, it has nothing to do with what your computer is.

Comment by Richard Hercher | 2021-05-24

Kudos on the timing. There's a lot of buzz about the new v6 e3d hotend, I'm sure there's going to be a lot of interested parties. Now the real question: when is Makibox going to ship a hotend that lasts more than 30 hours? I kid, I kid.

Comment by Rave Crocker | 2021-05-25

Will this come pre installed on new printers?

Comment by Roy T | 2021-05-26


On new boards that do not have firmware loaded yet, probably, yes.

On boards that have firmware installed already, probably not.

I don't know if firmware is loaded by board manufacturer or by Makible.

Reply by Martyn Kay

@Citizen_Snips: Glad to hear the autotune is working okay for you.  Regarding the hot end cutting out, this is likely due to a feature we added early on that monitors the rate of change in temperature when the hot end is being driven and shuts it down if it doesn't respond as expected.  This was obviously calibrated to our stock hot end, so with various different hot ends now being used, with varying thermal masses and differing response times, it can cause issues.  The parameters were relaxed in the most recent FW updates to account for the non-stock hot ends but if you're still experiencing problems then we'll need to look into it again.

@Richard: A very valid question :p  I'm unable to give you a definite date as I'm not driving that development, but I can tell you that we're currently testing with a number of more robust cartridge heater based designs and we'll be releasing an upgrade unit based on one of these designs in the near future.

@Rave & Roy: The firmware is flashed by our CEM so the boards are loaded with whatever FW was current at the time the PCBAs were manufactured.  For the D8 boards currently shipping that should be v2.20.34.

Comment by John Duffy | 2021-05-27

And yet, despite some nice "progress" you haven't shipped printers in two months according to

or, if you believe the other metric provided, at
they've shipped about 25 in two months, less than one every two days, down from the promised hundred+ a week.

I get that you have to send them in bulk, but I find it hard to believe that no boats have left china in two months. Myself, and I'm sure the many others would appreciate if you would ship to the people who ordered printers, then worry about little firmware updates and stuff.
Or, if there's some problem preventing shipments, I'd prefer to know about them than just be told to wait indefinitely.

Reply by Martyn Kay

@John: If you refer to the last paragraph of my post:

"I fully understand your frustration, however, as much as I sympathise and would like to help you I have no direct influence in any of this at present so am unable to provide any assistance."

Again, I fully understand your frustration, I would be too if I were in the same situation, however, I do not run the company and I do not have any involvement in handling anything related to shipping.  I wish I could help and do something to get everyone their printers tomorrow, but unfortunately it is totally out of my control.

Based on your logic, because there are shipping issues all of the engineers should drop whatever we're doing as well and stop supporting the customers who already have their printers?  To me this just sounds like the perfect way to make a bad situation 10 times worse, but if there's something I'm missing here then please feel free to enlighten me.

Comment by Cris Rowlands | 2021-05-28

Y'know, I'm gonna admit my gaping lack of knowledge; could someone explain in simple terms what "PID autotune" is/does/is used for?

Comment by Roy T | 2021-05-28

PID values control the temperature behavior of the hot end (how fast/slow to heat up or cool down).

Autotune will find the values for you instead of trial and error.

This is useful when trying out non-Makible firmware or non-Makible hot end.