PID Autotune in 5DPrint FW

2021-05-23 16:35 by Martyn Kay (comments: 25)

Hot end tune-up

One of the main things pushing people away from the 5DPrint FW has been the lack of a functioning PID autotune feature for the hot end, so I'm pleased to announce that this feature is now fully functional in the latest .42 revision and is available to download now on BitBucket.

The PID autotune is invoked using the standard M303 command, with full details of the command now updated in the FW wiki.

Please test out the feature and let us know how you get on in the comments below.

In anticipation of the inevitable flurry of comments regarding shipping delays, refunds etc. I fully understand your frustration, however, as much as I sympathise and would like to help you I have no direct influence in any of this at present so am unable to provide any assistance.  In light of this I'd appreciate if you could please try to keep the comments on topic as much as possible.

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Comment by John Balatsas | 2021-05-28

So how does this actually work. Do you included the m303 in each print or do you just send it through once and it does some sort of calibration ?

Comment by Roy T | 2021-05-28

Just once. Not part of print job. Note values returned by autotune and enter once into firmware with M301 & save With M500 (see the tuning page under support on this website).

Comment by Richard Hercher | 2021-05-30

Martyn, does the firmware support the sailfish "Pause at Z height" feature? I'm not really sure where to look stuff like that up, but I heard about it on a blog, and it sounds useful.

Comment by Richard Hercher | 2021-05-30

Doh! That would be this, right? "M226
Pause print
P: Pause flag, 0 to resume print, 1 to pause print after current block, -255 to discard plan buffer and resume operation
M226 P1 ; Pause print after current block has finished
M226 P0 ; Resume print
M226 P-255 ; discard plan buffer contents and resume normal operation"

Reply by Martyn Kay

@Richard: Correct, that's the one

Comment by John D | 2021-06-01

@Martyn Kay
I apologize, I just realized I'm an idiot and didn't read the whole post before angrily commenting on it. Sorry about that.

Reply by Martyn Kay

@John D: No worries, understand that frustration boils over in situations like this.  I hope the problems can be put right soon and we'll have a printer to you and everyone else shortly.

Comment by Cris Rowlands | 2021-06-02

I got myself a E3D V6 hot end for my MakiBox A6 LT. I was worried about getting it to work, but it all went surprisingly well.

It's not mounted on the x/y axes yet, but I figured I'd try it out anyway. I wired it all up, ran repetier host & nothing happened. I ran PID AutoTune based on what has been said/shared here & BOOM!

No, it didn't explode, it worked exactly as expected! Fantastic. Now I'm just waiting on the mounting blocks before I can do a test print :3

Reply by Martyn Kay

@Chris: Glad to hear the autotune worked well on your E3Dv6.  Let us know how you get on once you get printing.

Comment by Arthur Haglund | 2021-06-04

@ Martyn
"Based on your logic, because there are shipping issues all of the engineers should drop whatever we're doing as well and stop supporting the customers who already have their printers? To me this just sounds like the perfect way to make a bad situation 10 times worse, but if there's something I'm missing here then please feel free to enlighten me."

That is garbage!
You want to BE enlightened?
Tell Jon Buford to STOP lying, stop hiding, change the web page that promises 6-10 weeks build time, Stop responding to Email inquiries with 10 weeks is true!

NOW, you have been enlightened!

Reply by Martyn Kay

@Arthur: Not really seeing how you’ve enlightened me to anything there.  All you’ve done is rant at me about things that I’ve already stated on several occasions, including in the very post you quoted me from, I have absolutely no control over.

I am an engineer.  I do not run the company, I do not have anything to do with sales, I do not have anything to do with shipping of orders, and unfortunately I do not have any control over Jon.  Again, I fully understand the frustration and anger of yourself and all the other customers who’ve been caught up in this and I wish I could help, however, I am completely powerless to do anything to fix the situation at present.  I’d therefore appreciate it if you direct your rants towards the correct people through other channels and keep this space for on-topic conversations about the PID autotune with customers who already have their printers.

Comment by Roy T | 2021-06-04

He's alive! News: Jon has not been abducted by aliens even though he stays hidden from customers. Jon has replied to news article at

Comment by CGreenlee | 2021-06-05

Makibox please refund my money!! I cancelled my order over two weeks ago and have yet to receive my refund order ID 4746. I have emailed customer service twice and no one will respond.

Comment by Arthur Haglund | 2021-06-05