MakiBox A6 - Beta 05 Assembly Timelapse

2021-04-20 17:45 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 6)

Working in the wild.

Just a short post to share the exploits of the betas that are getting into people's hands.

This timelapse is by Eric Shendel who received Beta 05.

The beta exploits are being blogged collectively at:

Next week, there will be two more in Hong Kong coming online and we will try to get some more out in the post as well.

Eric said he spent around 7-8 hours from unboxing to getting the second print up and running, including the build time, calibration, and software installation and whatnot.

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Comment by marco herremans | 2021-04-20

Nice fast and easy

Comment by Palma Zazzaretta | 2021-04-21

Good job, post videos of printing when u can....
thx! i hope production starts early!

Comment by paul jones | 2021-04-21

thanks for a great video, I'll need to find some assembly space. 8)

Comment by GR0B | 2021-04-21

I am getting excited now, One step closer to receiving a Makibox

Comment by Teflon | 2021-04-29

We support you makers !
Hope that our turn will come soon 0_0

Comment by Devendra G | 2021-05-02

Excellent progress!