#MakiBox A6 - Beta-palooza (not by Jon)

2022-03-10 22:33 by Elliott Polk (comments: 15)

Betas, coming soon to a Nils near you

PLA prints, host software and a happy Nils. 

Hi all... as you can see, I'm not Jon. I'm Elliott the in-house application dev. We're giving Jon the night off since he's been plugging away at Everest. 

Now that we've got this hotend and filament drive cooperating, it looks like we'll be shipping out our first beta to our awesome community manager Nils. I think he's a bit giddy. I heard him squeel a little at the sound of Jon mentioning it.

As for the software side of things... We're making progress on our new host software. Now, you will be able to use other host software if you'd like. We just have a few of our own ideas we'd like to throw in the ring. We're simplifying the UI a bit (going for this new-age minimalist thing, apparently). We've chosen a somewhat new language for the "heavy lifting". We've gotten it to successfully control the alpha unit and got a print out with the alpha version of the code. I've been heads down working on a nice beta version, cleaning up the UI and making the low-level stuff much more modular. Behold her rough beta beauty:

Mid-Development UI Snapshot

Yes, that is running in the Chrome browser on the localhost. No, you will not need to setup a webserver to run this. No, your system will not be publicly available by default, but more to come on that. We'll be working on the colors and details more in this first iteration. This is literally a mid-development snapshot that's done while converting the alpha "get it working" UI over to the beta "now lets clean it up and make things more efficient" one. I think I'll post more on this in the forums mid-week. I hope everyone likes software as much as I do...

Well... that's it for tonight. We look forward to getting out Nils' box on Monday as well as the other betas this week. Once I get a v1 ready for the host software, we'll be pushing it to a public github and bitbucket repo with URLs to follow.


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Comment by Exilaus | 2022-03-11

Thanks too much Elliot/Jon for update,
very interesting web host nice job.
Nils prepare your table/screwdrivers/camera/camcoder ecc.. for your beta makibox!!

Comment by kariloy | 2022-03-11

Looking good! I'm all for minimalist UIs provided there is an easy built-in under-the-hood access to the advanced settings :D Looking forward to know more about it :-)

Nils... better start clearing your schedule ;-)

Comment by MakiBox Member | 2022-03-11

Nooo, not an aluminum nozzle! Can we order an aluminium one instead for those of us in England/Australia/NZ?

On a serious note, has it also completed an ABS Everest? Could we get a comparison photo?

Comment by Michael | 2022-03-11

Great work, keep the updates coming!

Comment by camerin hahn | 2022-03-12

I am really excited. I am so close to convinced, all I need to see is a beta print from someone outside of makible, and the host software write-up, and if all is well I will be down.

Comment by Jens Rapp | 2022-03-12

that's really good news.
can someone tell me how long shipping takes?
think it will be somewhere between 3 and 25 days but i liked to know it a bit more precise..

Comment by GR0B | 2022-03-12

Wouldn't the PLA print better if there was a cooling fan for it?

Comment by MakiBox Member | 2022-03-12

Jens - with HK Post, it varies. I've seen stuff turn up in less than a week; I've also seen it take two months. You can get much more reliable (and quick) times with a courier, but that costs a fortune.

Comment by afxzanac | 2022-03-13

Oh man, if the host software will run as a remotely-accessible browser based daemon... I can just envision my makibox sitting somewhere in the house where it won't drive my wife nuts, with a raspberry pi and wifi... Out of earshot. I'd been worrying about that for a while, but it would make a nice portable package. I'd bet there's even a little extra room in the case to wedge the board into :-D

Comment by Pieter Schreurs | 2022-03-13

Cant wait!!!