#MakiBox A6 - Beta Update

2022-02-24 17:45 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 12)

Betas, made for testing

Aside from the updated site, we've got some quick updates about the beta. Watch the video for the details, we will post some more photos soon, but wanted to at least get the video up first.

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Comment by Kendall Miller | 2022-02-24

Thanks for the update...

Comment by marco herremans | 2022-02-24

he's fast in 2 minutes is the makiboc logo finished

Comment by camerin hahn | 2022-02-25

the page's update looks nice, but some of the text is not legible. the colors on the white background need to be a bit darker, in the forum I have to highlight the person's name just to read who posted. but it is really clean looking. Also the update was great, the transition to production is never simple, I expected more issues than a few misaligned holes, axis wobble and thermal dissipation changed. but I am a pessimist.

Comment by MakiBox Member | 2022-02-25

yes, very hard to read

Comment by Elliott Polk | 2022-02-25

Hi, MakiBox dev here...

Sorry about the forum style issue. I forgot to move a file that was a bit hidden/buried. The forum module is a bit "special" in the styling. Hope it's better now.

Comment by Kendall Miller | 2022-02-26

I believe that the Light Gray Print needs to be a darker shade of Gray, it is very hard to read...

Comment by Kendall Miller | 2022-02-26

RE: Win7 with high-res monitor...
In the [My Account] tab, the text doesn't stay within the surround box (runs out of the box, then disappears), and no [Save] button is showing (that, as well might just be out of the surround box)...

Comment by Pieter Schreurs | 2022-02-27

i kinda like the new layout and stilling :D great jop on the beta! cant wait to build mine ^^

Comment by Ivan Kalashnikov | 2022-02-28

Hello Jonathan.
Of course I did not engineer, but nevertheless I will share my thoughts. For better positioning of the extruder need to use a smaller thread pitch, more intimate contact between the stud and the rail and gear for converting one step motor in the minimum step stud. In this case, using the nozzle diameter of 0.3 mm can be achieved quite good results in accuracy and bedding. Sorry if written nonsense))))

Comment by camerin hahn | 2022-03-02

The reason that the course machine screw was chosen was to increase print speed I believe. Some machines have a far to fine thread pitch and that makes the print times much longer.