Cable Drives, Bum PCBs, and a New Forum

2022-03-09 21:15 by Michael Tsang (comments: 0)

Cable Drives, Bum PCBs, and a New Forum

This has been a pretty packed week. The prototype is almost ready to print, now that it has the drive system, including the cable drive, prototyped. I’ll be attempting to get it to printing this weekend. 

We got in PCBs and we found, well, a bit of a snafu. Basically the middle layers had been left out of the exported files, and no one had noticed that it was a four layer design and not a 2 layer design, which is what most of the RepRap related ones are. I’m in the middle of sorting out what this will do to the schedule, but worst case this will take around 4 weeks to get the new production boards back and ready to ship. I’ll confirm the schedule in the next few days.

Our community is growing nicely here, and to facilitate keeping that going, Nils has helped to set up a forum on Thanks Nils!

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