#MakiBox A6 - We Can Haz Print!

2021-11-19 05:04 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 8)

First Print!

First Print!

Yes, that kind of first print, where it finishes and doesn't get jammed halfway through. 

OK, so no unicorns or Yodas yet, but those will be coming. 

tl_files/img/2012_11_18/20121118_192301 (2048x1536).jpg

tl_files/img/2012_11_18/20121118_232139 (2048x1536).jpg

tl_files/img/2012_11_18/20121118_232750 (2048x1536).jpg

tl_files/img/2012_11_18/20121118_232822 (2048x1536).jpg

tl_files/img/2012_11_18/20121118_233517 (2048x1536).jpg

tl_files/img/2012_11_18/20121118_233519 (2048x1536).jpg

tl_files/img/2012_11_18/20121118_233526 (2048x1536).jpg

tl_files/img/2012_11_18/20121118_233820 (2048x1536).jpg

tl_files/img/2012_11_18/20121118_233842 (2048x1536).jpg

OK, enough pics. So, what happens next? We will be getting things ready for the beta boxes this week, and into peoples hands next week. We will sort out the final planning for production, which includes getting the details from everyone with existing orders on what they choose from a few options. And, we have something interesting coming up as well. 

Thanks everyone for thier support, looking forward to seeing what you will do with this.

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Comment by PaulK | 2021-11-19

An auspicious beginning Jon. I'm a late comer to MakiBox having just finished all the comments on the Makible post and mostly through the forum. Can't wait for it all to come together including the extruder which I am most eager to see (and obtain). Charge on.
Looking forward to your Black Friday Sale :o)

Comment by Imran Peerbhai | 2021-11-19

Congrats! First print is always exciting! Curious about the heat bed. I used to use aluminum as well, but noticed it warped over time. I was using 1 square foot, so that may be part of it. Have you tried glass? Could we get a glass bed option? This way, cleaning is as simple as tossing in the dishwasher, very flat, and PLA loves it. Fire and forget is possible with it and well tuned Extruders!

From here, tuning/calibration should get you to Some great prints! Id love to see the owl! Any thoughts as to the minimum layer height?

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-11-19

We are using stainless, not aluminum. Doesn't warp and seems like it might be possible to print on it directly.

Glass, might be a future option, but we don't have time to handle it for this version.

I will be tuning up the drive some more and then check the minimum layer heights, etc. Also, this is currently using a 0.5mm nozzle, but we will also have the 0.3mm as well.

Comment by Wesley Hwang-Chung | 2021-11-19

Congratulations! Patience pays off, I guess. :)

Comment by MakiBox Member | 2021-11-20

HI, nice work
I have one other question, PLC and ABS materials, both have difference melting points, Is it the best yield can adjust the temp. or average out will be OK ?


Comment by berserk | 2021-11-20

the tempered glass would be fine... to use the bed. I've heard it from some guy who has using the 3D printer. but normal glass has broken.

Hope nils get well soon. you are a strong man, coz you have children. ^__^

Comment by exilaus | 2021-11-20

Nice job Jon and all your team! nice too see makibox work.
i like too much your simple and clean hot end.
sorry only one question, makibox mainboard support other steppers? for future implementation or user modification?

thanks and nice job

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-11-21

@Wesley - Thanks!

@MB Member - There are temperature ranges that work for any material, and you also tend to adjust the temp to modify the viscosity of the melted material for a specific print speed. What we should be able to do, for given materials, is have some standard settings that generally work, since the hardware tends to be very consistent.

@berserk - Glass, we will look at in the future. Actually, we are getting good prints directly on the stainless and there is no chance of shattering it either way.

@Exilaus - The mainboard is currently a stock Printrboard with our firmware on it. Our host software will be acting as the printer driver ware, and you can use existing host software if you need more features. We will be looking at building up cloud based file preparation and potentially running prints via the cloud so you can monitor your print remotely.