Delays, we hate Delays.

2021-09-23 16:00 by Michael Tsang (comments: 0)

Delays, we hate Delays.

Sorry for missing the Friday Deadline and having to delay Friday Update to Sunday. Jon hit some Brickwalls and worked on it all Saturday. But since a day only has 24 hours, after approx 22 or so he went to bed and will do the Update on Sunday.

I know (and highly appreciate) that you are all excited about the upcoming update and believe it or not, as external part of the Makible Team i hate Delays as much as you.

So extra special Thanks for your patience!



Henry Turlock responded:
Before retiring I worked for many years in computers, consequently I know only to well how short those twenty four hour days can get. I am not to concerned with how long it takes to get the item, However, when it does come I want to be certain that everything has been done to make it work properly. It looks like you are doing that. With your persistance I feel certain that you will overcome your problems in due time. Good luck.
topot responded:
Hi Nils.
I hope he is fine. and getting more relax.
Sebastian Herp responded:
Aaah, you shouldn't work for 22 hours straight with the feeling that somebody somewhere expects something ... the end result usually wont be the best possible solution ;-)

Take your time Makibox team ... it's still 3 months till christmas ;-)

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