Extruders, Lathes, and Getting some rest

2022-02-26 21:33 by Michael Tsang (comments: 0)

Extruders, Lathes, and Getting some rest

Just wanted to post a short update, expect quite a lot to happen in the next few days. If it looks like we will not make the current goal, we will just adjust to allow for whatever the final orders are at this point. But, it does look likely that we can meet the goal.

I did get my lathe in and setup yesterday. I needed to take some time off today to get some rest and will be back in the lab tomorrow to do the final push for wrapping up the extruder drive and hot end by Tuesday.

It is really amazing seeing the community building here, and we will start putting together some more resources on the MakiBox site to continue that growth.

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