Extrusion Mated and Next Steps

2022-03-14 20:47 by Michael Tsang (comments: 0)

Extrusion Mated and Next Steps

So, we have an extrusion system. A prototype one, but still a very unique extrusion system that is doing some really cool things. I didn’t get video of it in action, but at least have some more details about how it is working and what is next. (I didn’t get the working video because it is pretty late here and the hot end is starting to slip too much and I’m worried it will be pushed out, breaking the heater wires and whatnot.)

Pretty good results. I’ll do a prototype of the production hot end and see if we can get the first prints out very soon. The new engineering help will be coming aboard in the next few days, so we will start working in parallel, probably cutting out close to a week of time between now and when the production would be able to occur and will allow for some more iterating at the same time to improve the final design.

We are going to look at potential new homes for Makible tomorrow, so I’ll try to put up some video of that too.

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