First Peek at MakiLab

2022-03-16 20:20 by Michael Tsang (comments: 0)

First Peek at MakiLab

Well, I’m in the middle of doing a design iteration, so nothing to show about build progress. But, yesterday we found our new space for our lab.

Actually, that space in the video is a mirror of the one we are taking a few floors down in the same building, but it is the same size and layout.

Aside from office, prototyping, and production space, this will be a quazi Hackerspace and cowork space as well. I like random people around doing cool stuff, so that will give opportunities for all sorts of folk to be a part of what is going on there.

The renovation on our space is a bit further along, so we should be in there the first week of April, just in time to do the bulk of the shipments.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with the new engineers to get them rolling, so things should start smoothing out and running a bit more in parallel.

This has been a good week, and I’m looking forward to the next few as things wrap up and we are able to start shipping and start looking at new projects.

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