Hot Plastic Action

2022-02-28 21:07 by Michael Tsang (comments: 0)

Hot Plastic Action

Check out the Post over on for the full photo and video coverage of today’s exploits in the lab. End result, hot plastic coming out of an extruder nozzle that I can hold in my fingers and is less than an inch long.

Tomorrow is more of the same, make a rev 2 and then start working on the extruder drive system to move towards having the first print this week.

In other news, we have reached the funding threshold (and then some), so we will be continuing to gear up for production. We will ship out the first 100 within March if things continue to go smoothly, and then will work through any backlog of orders until we are shipping on demand.

Thanks everyone for their support and it is amazing to see the community coming together. Watch for more cool stuff coming up both on this project and on in general.

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