MakiBox Production Update - Inventory Moved, Ready To Roll

2021-12-08 18:45 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 73)

Back to the basics.


What a difference a week makes!

This week, we went through the process of inventorying something around 20 metric tons of supplies before sending it over to our new warehouse and fulfillment center. 

This is going to allow us to focus on just the production and QC points of making your boxes, and let another team handle packing and shipping, effectively both increasing our team and space as well as bringing in better resources for logistics. 

This coming week, we are sending out around 50 units on Monday, and will put together another batch for Wednesday and Friday. We will also send out updates to all existing orders to confirm your updated production schedule. 

The team is ready to really be able to focus on getting the production running smoothly, and to see more people out in the world with your MakiBoxes. 

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Comment by Andy Castille | 2021-12-08


Comment by Andy Castille | 2021-12-08


Also, why did the number shipped go from 97 to 96?

Comment by Andy Castille | 2021-12-08

EDIT: Jon said in the forums that they cleared out test data.

Also: Sorry for triple-posting, internet is wonky and only sent part of the message.

Comment by Andrew Beutler | 2021-12-09

I knew I could trust you Jon. I knew that all of those people who were threatening to cancel and saying you were a scammer were wrong. 3D printing here I come.

Comment by Kai Fung Tony Kwok | 2021-12-09

Great~~ =D

Comment by George Van Winkle | 2021-12-09

This is almost starting to feel like a shell game. Where's the Makibox you ordered? Is it shipped? (NO) Is it in the Makibox factory? (NO) Is it as their new shipping partner? (NO) Does it even exist ? . . .

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-12-09

@Andrew - Thanks!

@George - Um, so, you decided that you did not want to wait for receiving your order at the beginning of January, and now you are just going around to every possible site spreading FUD? You wanted for us to improve our processes so that we can expedite the production, but now you are trying to make that into what? We are shipping 54 today and more this week.

Comment by Scott | 2021-12-09

@Jon - Good on you for calling George out.

@George - Going from A to Z on product design to testing to production is a seriously intense process. You're getting a top notch 3d printer for a substantially lower price. If you feel like you're being cheated here, then I give you a site that'll get you a 3d printer by the end of the week. Don't mind the price tag. That's just the cost of having all of your manufacturing issues solved by more money.

Comment by Siu Kay HO | 2021-12-09

Well done! My Christmas present is coming...

Comment by Eric Leone | 2021-12-09

Should I be concerned that I have not received any email about my order status at all since I updated my order the end of December last year? I placed my order the middle of November.