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2021-06-23 17:07 by Makible Admin (comments: 40)

Makible recently reached its third year of business, which is a very happy milestone for us as a startup company. We’ve been through a lot over that time and have been able to keep things moving forward while exploring the space of 3D Printing and small batch manufacturing. The team has been lean and has done a lot with what we have available. Unfortunately, we’ve reached a point where we have needed to gather up additional resources in order to continue growing.

The Makible team have been working very hard to restart production of orders and get shipping again. As shown in March, we are able to ship around 800 boxes a month when everything is in full production. We ran into a classic issue of startup hardware companies of cash flow not matching up, leaving us short of funds to complete shipments.

We did see this event coming and worked hard to line up additional funding to keep things running smoothly, but nothing has been finalized and so we have been building consensus amongst our investors to implement a recovery plan.

We have put in place a more robust operations team, and will be appointing a new board and focusing on getting the outstanding orders shipped before moving on to other things. We are currently working on the fundraising to make this happen.

We have an initial consensus from our stakeholders and we thank them for their support, however we are working to wrap up this plan before we can announce the updated shipping schedule of outstanding orders. We know that it is important to be able to clearly set and follow up on expectations on when this will happen, so we will announce the details as soon as we have them.

We would appreciate the continued support of customers who have placed orders to refrain from cancellations because we have most of your parts in stock so now only need to finish the final assembly and shipping.

The team appreciates that you have given us your trust to deliver product to you in a reasonable time period. We will do everything we can to see that commitment through, and hope that we can regain that trust.


Sarah Tong
Director, Makible Ltd.

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Comment by Arthur Haglund | 2021-06-24

Jon's WIFE is in charge.

Nice to not mention you are his WIFE!
You have already been involved with the Makifailure claiming that you are NOW in charge rings hollow.

Comment by JustSomeAnonymousDude | 2021-06-24

So I guess from the comments that Arthur Haglund is the guy that always complains and that nobody likes? Only dickheads write in caps.

Comment by Joske447 | 2021-06-24

Some people don't seem to understand the fact that they are SHORT ON MONEY and keep asking why they haven't been refunded -_-
Do they even think about the basic stuff?

Putting that aside ... I only have one consern .. does the in transit mean it's still at MB or already somewhere else (just not completly clear to me)

Wish you all luck !!!

Comment by Frank Walczak | 2021-06-24

Good luck Sarah.
You're gonna need it. ;)

Comment by Victor | 2021-06-24

I requested a refund a week ago, and i have not received confirmation, and the status is still "Paid" on the store, even tho it was supposed to be shipped by now.

Order: 3863

This is on top of the "we switched systems" and my order shows the incorrect ammount. Please help.

Comment by Todd Woodhams | 2021-06-24

I can understand being short on funds, but that does not change the fact that most of us have already paid for our products over a year ago and still do not have them, or even a shipped date. Since November I have been told that it would be packing and shipping soon. The last 3 months it has been sitting in the state of packing. Everytime I have asked about it I get the run around. If you can give me a definitive date that I will have the printer I will wait. Otherwise you can process my refund.

Since everyone has paid for their printer already I find it hard to believe that their is no money to ship the product. Not unless they have spent more than what they had coming in.

Comment by JonZ | 2021-06-24

Smoke and mirrors! I'm disappointed this is my first and only post I'm going to be making on this site. My original order date is May of 2013 and still no box. But wait it gets better, your staff notified me that my box was shipped in early April. Surprise! no box. Lets just say I was not holding my breath. Give me a full refund NOW.

Order# 1140

Comment by Nicolas Ziegler | 2021-06-24

Thanks for the update.
I am going to be a bit selfish here, but being in Hong Kong, and not having any shipping (#13636), Can I come to pick-up my order at your office/warehouse?


Comment by Slatye | 2021-06-24

Well, it's nice to have an update.

Is there any status on the "upgrade kit"? It seems that this would be a fairly critical bit of work at the moment, since it (a) persuades current Makibox owners to give you more money so they can buy it, and (b) might reduce the number of people saying "my Makibox doesn't work" and therefore deterring other potential buyers.

It seems a bit pointless to even think about shipping more boxes until they actually work, and without the upgrade kit it's unlikely that they will.

Comment by Andreas | 2021-06-24

I'd prefer getting the damn Makibox "as is" instead of waiting another 2 years until a new hotend is produced (if ever, I doubt that).
Lots of people get it to work "as is". It may be tricky, but that is okay for a 3D printer that cheap. It is lot more worth than nothing!