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2021-06-23 17:07 by Makible Admin (comments: 43)

Makible recently reached its third year of business, which is a very happy milestone for us as a startup company. We’ve been through a lot over that time and have been able to keep things moving forward while exploring the space of 3D Printing and small batch manufacturing. The team has been lean and has done a lot with what we have available. Unfortunately, we’ve reached a point where we have needed to gather up additional resources in order to continue growing.

The Makible team have been working very hard to restart production of orders and get shipping again. As shown in March, we are able to ship around 800 boxes a month when everything is in full production. We ran into a classic issue of startup hardware companies of cash flow not matching up, leaving us short of funds to complete shipments.

We did see this event coming and worked hard to line up additional funding to keep things running smoothly, but nothing has been finalized and so we have been building consensus amongst our investors to implement a recovery plan.

We have put in place a more robust operations team, and will be appointing a new board and focusing on getting the outstanding orders shipped before moving on to other things. We are currently working on the fundraising to make this happen.

We have an initial consensus from our stakeholders and we thank them for their support, however we are working to wrap up this plan before we can announce the updated shipping schedule of outstanding orders. We know that it is important to be able to clearly set and follow up on expectations on when this will happen, so we will announce the details as soon as we have them.

We would appreciate the continued support of customers who have placed orders to refrain from cancellations because we have most of your parts in stock so now only need to finish the final assembly and shipping.

The team appreciates that you have given us your trust to deliver product to you in a reasonable time period. We will do everything we can to see that commitment through, and hope that we can regain that trust.


Sarah Tong
Director, Makible Ltd.

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Comment by Lost all faith in Makibox | 2021-06-24

After reading this latest update I no longer have any faith that you will be able to supply our order, and, with a heavy heart have cancelled it. I have also lodged a claim through PayPal as, from the forums, it appears you are not forthcoming with refunds either. And now, your own post refers to cash-flow problems. How very sad for you. You're not the only ones. Unfortunately we are not in a position to donate our funds to you and receive nothing in return. I look forward to receiving a refund asap.

Comment by lies | 2021-06-24

I don't care about the money anymore... I don't get it back for sure, but maybe i got a 3D printer once far in the future.
The only thing I ask is true information.
I don't want any promises where I know it is not true. I ordered back in feb 13 and every time I ask I get told it will be shipped in about 2 weeks. 3 weeks later I ask again and, oh wonder, I got told in 2 weeks...
So, please please please stop the lise and start to tell the true!

Comment by Dan Neely | 2021-06-24

Could someone drop a link to the upgrade kit being mentioned in the comments? There's nothing in the blog about it, so I'm assuming it's somewhere in the forum...

Comment by MakiBox Member | 2021-06-24

The upgrade kit was mentioned on Google Groups:


Unfortunately there's been no news on that for over a month, which makes me suspect that it's still not exactly reliable.

Comment by Paul Schnackenberg | 2021-06-25

To those declaring 'fraud!': Being 'short of funds to complete shipments' does not mean that shipping funds have been misused.

The most you can draw from Sarah Tong's post is that funding for at least one step of what are certainly many required to complete orders is missing. Since parts are now apparently on hand, lack of money for labor to turn parts into product, for instance, could halt shipments even while a pile of cash earmarked for shipping its idle. I don't know that this is the case at Makibox, but it would not be a shocker if it were. If this IS the case, it is well short of fraud.

I share the frustration as all of those who've waited far longer than expected for their Makibox. I've given up guessing when/if it will arrive. But frustration isn't license to slander and claiming fraud without specific knowledge of such IS slander. Being rude won't speed delivery of your box.

Comment by Richard Hercher | 2021-06-25

Arthur Haglund is just a pompous troll who talks out of the wrong orifice. See, he's always only ever half right: he makes crap up about "legal earmarks" (Guess what, there's no law anywhere in the US that says you have to use "shipping funds" line items to ship things. If they did, every infomercial director in America would be put up against a wall and shot. Maybe there SHOULD be such a law! There ARE laws on how those numbers are TAXED, and those numbers have to be REASONABLE, but it's called shipping and HANDLING so a business can pad it to not loose money on shipping costs. If you don't ship a product, that's breach of contract, possible violation of interstate trade, but no criminal-double whammy for not fulfilling some crazy accounting line item) and "everything published in public forums is public domain" (Wrong-o! Read the USPTO site) and his favorite catch all "Fraud" (Fraud requires proof of intent to mislead, and there are plenty of people who'd like to see Makible burn who would volunteer that proof if it existed, all we have is stary-eyed hipsters and disassociated investors who have no idea or interest respectively on how to run a business).

Comment by Arthur Haglund | 2021-06-25

Hercher talks out of his butt, not having studied law, he can do little else!
Jon just admitted his fraud on Twitter,
He has admitted no funds to ship, because he took shipping monies and bout parts with it.
Game over. Anyone who has studied law, especially business law knows that earmarked funds are not to be co-mingled and used for other things. Shipping is not product. It is illegal to charge for shipping, and not ship, instead, buy parts for another order (which, BTW was already paid for, thus double charging?) and NOT SHIP!!
Let me break it down for the stupid people like Hercher:
I swell you something, charge you for the item and product, two separate charges.
Then I do not ship it. Instead, I buy material for the next item.
The next guy buys and pays for shipping.
Now, the cost of building is already supposed to be calculated into the PRICE, not counting shipping.
So, is Jon selling at a lesser price than it costs him?
If so, then order #1000 paid for Order #800's parts and shipping.!
Either way, whichever way it happened, Jon took shipping money and did not ship, choosing to screw customers, with no notification nor permission to use said funds to buy parts
It really is first year law, case closed fraudulent action!

Comment by Samuel Gribben | 2021-06-25


You have your money, go buy another 3D printer and stop being a troll. Those with funds already lost in the company, still hope to get a 3D printer one day!

Also if you look in their terms and conditions, which may I add. You agreed to upon completing the payment process that all legal matters will be held in Hong Kong courts.

You can know as much about US law, but it won't cut it there . .

Comment by Carolus Schrauwers | 2021-06-25

I hope this is a change for a better communication. I can understand the troubles but a bad communication makes things worth!
I hope to hear soon about my order ID:186

Comment by Carolus Schrauwers | 2021-06-25

I hope this is a change for a better communication. I can understand the troubles but a bad communication makes things worth!
I hope to hear soon about my order ID:186