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2021-06-23 17:07 by Makible Admin (comments: 77)

Makible recently reached its third year of business, which is a very happy milestone for us as a startup company. We’ve been through a lot over that time and have been able to keep things moving forward while exploring the space of 3D Printing and small batch manufacturing. The team has been lean and has done a lot with what we have available. Unfortunately, we’ve reached a point where we have needed to gather up additional resources in order to continue growing.

The Makible team have been working very hard to restart production of orders and get shipping again. As shown in March, we are able to ship around 800 boxes a month when everything is in full production. We ran into a classic issue of startup hardware companies of cash flow not matching up, leaving us short of funds to complete shipments.

We did see this event coming and worked hard to line up additional funding to keep things running smoothly, but nothing has been finalized and so we have been building consensus amongst our investors to implement a recovery plan.

We have put in place a more robust operations team, and will be appointing a new board and focusing on getting the outstanding orders shipped before moving on to other things. We are currently working on the fundraising to make this happen.

We have an initial consensus from our stakeholders and we thank them for their support, however we are working to wrap up this plan before we can announce the updated shipping schedule of outstanding orders. We know that it is important to be able to clearly set and follow up on expectations on when this will happen, so we will announce the details as soon as we have them.

We would appreciate the continued support of customers who have placed orders to refrain from cancellations because we have most of your parts in stock so now only need to finish the final assembly and shipping.

The team appreciates that you have given us your trust to deliver product to you in a reasonable time period. We will do everything we can to see that commitment through, and hope that we can regain that trust.


Sarah Tong
Director, Makible Ltd.

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Comment by Brooks Adams | 2021-06-27

Please at least have the common decency to respond to the emails and phone calls. Your phone message says, "Call back later," but it is never turned off, thus no one to speak to.

Number one rule of Public Relations. Always tell the truth, even if it's bad news.

Comment by juan yanez | 2021-06-27

Yes shitty management switch the roles. Cant blame the wife right. Cant blame anybody .... Here is the hard truth. Jon fucked off all the money and you get nothing. Wife is going to say its not her fault. Buy more crap and lies. Wish people like them could be brought to justice for lieing shitty people I bought this lie 2 years ago and I paid. yet mine has been in production now a year and a half. Sad truth they didn't have this issue half a year ago.Lies lies lies. So why didn't they ship my box out. I was one of the first people. I never seen the box. fuckin liers. DONT BUY

Comment by Robert Drechsler | 2021-06-27

^^^ I loled. I'm glad I got off this boat in February.

I think what really did for me besides the obvious, was watching the assembly videos. Jon fumbling around looking for screws, parts, etc. No edits, no cuts, poor lighting, sound, etc. He stops in the middle to make edits in the instructions.

All of these things make me realize one thing. He didn't care about the costumer's time. He didn't need to be prepared or present it as a technical resource, he didn't need put forth anymore effort than the minimum. He simply didn't give a shit because he knew that the crowd would watch and wait....

It sounds silly... but those videos are a good indicator of the mentality and attitude that makiable gave off to me.

Comment by Kristian Blåsol | 2021-06-28

And I really liked the videos for their rough unedited looks. You get the full spectrum of putting the Makibox together. I have heard a lot of people who have had the video running along as they assemble their printers, but still had to pause because they were a bit fast (they had done it before ;) So anyways, people think differently...

Comment by Andrew Beutler | 2021-06-29

MakiBox I have contacted over and over for the past month asking for a refund I demand my money back. My case number is 14341

Comment by Andrew Beutler | 2021-06-29

MakiBox I have contacted over and over for the past month asking for a refund I demand my money back. My case number is 14341

Comment by Andrew Beutler | 2021-06-29

MakiBox I have contacted over and over for the past month asking for a refund I demand my money back. My case number is 14341

Comment by John Logajan | 2021-06-30

Pretty lady, though.


Comment by Jon McNutt | 2021-07-02

I ordered in Feb. I would like my product or an email sent to me explaining what is going on.

Comment by Mark DeBaets | 2021-07-02

I would like to know where my refund is, I have cancelled my order and have not received my refund. I have heard nothing from you customer service team regarding my requests.

Please advise on the status of my refund.