MakiBox A6 3D Model Walkthrough

2021-07-23 16:33 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox A6 3D Model Walkthrough


We had to wrap up early today due to a typhoon that is moving into Hong Kong currently, but here is a quick (11 min) video of the current model, discussing some of the added details and giving a better idea of what is there.

We will be ordering these parts tomorrow, and will be testing them in the next few days with the remaining work to wrap things up being the hot end integration. We've got solid plans for output control, and will try to finish everything design wise this week if possible.



Florian Horsch responded:
Thanks for the tour :D Looks so nice and cubish... want to get my hands on it and run some plastic through it ;) Possibly I should have week of "vacation" in HK after the exams...

Is there already an option to upgrade to the stainless version? How much would that be and is it likely that this version takes longer than the plastic one? (Oh man, I hate myself for these kind of questions... but you get them asked anyways ;))

Evan responded:
What advantages would the stainless version have over the normal one? I would have thought that the standard acrylic panels were more than stiff enough for the Makibox, and also much lighter than steel panels.

Anyway, looks very cool at the moment. How are the costs going? Still below the $300 target?

tecdroid responded:
looks very good. when the parts arrive, could you blog a time lapse video on how you build the box? would be interesting, since you said your plan is a box as easy as an ikea item..
ccrome responded:
Absolutely fantastic! I've been following you for a month or so. havent hit the 'buy now' button, but I plan to do so soon! I can't wait.

If you can come in anywhere near the $300 price target, I'm going to be most impressed and pleased. I guess designing & making in the HK area must let you get better prices that we can get in the states, but boy, that's impressive!

David Contreni responded:
@ccrome--$300+$50 worldwide shipping is the price. That doesn't include any taxes or import duties, which I don't think will be a problem for the USA. I'm not sure if the price will be going up, but there's been no mention of it that I recall.
sbledsoe7 responded:
I love it and would buy one but i had the worst life ever my daughter died

and it took all my heart, life, & money. If you could give me a discount 
for a completey kit i will build it. I am A+ certified tech , i have buid computers
( laptop & desktops) for 15 years + . It would keep me busy so i don't set here and
cry all day.
I will pledge what i can and help you in every way i can w/ my ideas and customers i already have some people that want me to buid them one , but i can't right now i have to build my mind 1st . thanks for your time, if you can't help that's ok maybe i can get one some day. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS !!!!

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