MakiBox A6 Assembled Prototype Extruder First Looks

2022-03-15 20:42 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox A6 Assembled Prototype Extruder First Looks

Some like it hot.


But, I prefer something that is just hot enough. This is the first prototype assembly of how the hot end fits together. This isn't the final design by any means, just an iteration on the way to the final design. We will need to do one more iteration of this to the updated design to start getting first prints.

What did I find out from this so far? 

The extruder drive works well. The response is very nice, and (with PLA) seems to have no trouble putting out material pretty quickly. I did get a fair amount of plastic poop to come out before the hot end started chronically getting pushed out.

The temperature is very consistent, not having much of a heat mass seems to really make it much more responsive to changes in conditions versus larger head designs I've used.

It is FAST, I mean seriously fast to get to printing temperature. Also, having a smaller thermal mass would go a long way to making a very compact dual extrusion system workable.

It is very heat efficient. I can still work with it with bare hands when it is at print temperature. It isn't cool to the touch by any means, but we aren't having to heat up quite so much stuff and keep it hot. This means that a RepRap design based on this would no longer need the separate PEEK and PTFE parts and could just use cheaper high temp silicone for gaskets between hot and less hot parts.

The drive cable is working like a charm, so we will be able to stay inside that magic original box.

Outside of that, the company is developing really fast, it is going to be amazing what we will be able to do this year!



cdurst responded:
Looking great. I can't believe how fast you're developing this thing.

One question though ...
It looks like there's a bunch of heavy wires attached to the extruder, how is it going to be able to move with those things attached to it?

I can't wait for it to be available.

Jonathan Buford responded:
Those are silicone wires, pretty soft and flexible. The whole assembly is still pretty light weight.

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