MakiBox A6 - Assembled Stainless and Controller Board Fit Check

2021-08-02 23:24 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox A6 - Assembled Stainless and Controller Board Fit Check


We can haz stainless! Today we were testing out the general fit and finish of the outer casing and the internal structure before adding in the moving bits and pieces.






The stainless casing is looking quite sharp. We are working on what the upgrade will be to current orders, since it w

ill be both more expensive for the material and also shipping due to the heavier weight.






The driver board has the USB and MicroSD card openings on the front, so we checked those today as well, and found it should be pretty easy to access both.


Next steps for us will be to finish building the motion platforms and the updated pellet drive. Then we will move on to the final hot end and pellet drive integration and print.




maximpulse responded:
I love the look of the acrylic, too, but stainless steel is at least 5 times more dimensionally stable when it heats up. Both acrylic and stainless steel expand when heated, but acrylic expands more. I don't know if this really makes any noticeable difference.
For instance, if the temperature of a 12" piece is increased 50 degree F the expansion is:
acrylic: .0270" ( a little under 1/32")
stainless steel: .0054" (a little under 128")
Please correct me if my math is off!
gr0b responded:
I can't decide if I want clear or stainless. Brushed aluminium would be nice too but I don't think it would be strong enough.
maximpulse responded:
Ooops. I meant 1/128" as in
stainless steel: .0054" (a little under 1/128")
kaelaussie responded:
Is there a way of adding an interior like kapton tape to prevent the heat affecting the acrylic or would an external fan operation be needed to prevent the distortion.
I prefer the look of the Green acrylic.
Jonathan Buford responded:
@Kaelaussie - We found the acrylic to be stable enough even when the internal temp is up.

@maximpulse - Yep, that sounds about right.

@gr0b - Aluminum would transfer heat too easily and is less thermally stable for use in the case.

@Unfalsifiable - Yep, agree it does have some resemblance. Someone doing a special edition mod?

@Guyren - Yes, clear will be one of the choices.


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