MakiBox A6 - First Looks at the Final XY Table and Other Updates

2022-03-24 20:02 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox A6 - First Looks at the Final XY Table and Other Updates


It has been too long since the last update, so there is a lot to get caught up on. Things are going well here and coming together to get the first production in the next two weeks or so. This week I got Billy and Andres on board to help with engineering. Andres worked on revising the 3D model for the mechanism and started on a final design for the motion platform. The prototype you see is the beginnings of testing that. 

We've got something close to two tons of material coming in to fill the first 300 or so orders. We've got a kilometer of rods, over a thousand stepper motors, and hundreds of PCBs. We will move into part of the new space to start the production while the rest of it is being renovated, so hoping to be in there in a week or so.

The target at the moment is to finish up the revised mechanism and hotend within this coming week, and then make any small changes to the design before starting on preparing the parts for production.

The rest of this week has been a little bit long for me, with a small family emergency and some other things going on, so I've just not had the bandwidth to keep up frequent updates. We are very much focused on making sure the production happens as soon as possible and wrapping up the final design to support that.



rtideas responded:
Thanks for the update. Progress is always good.

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