#MakiBox A6 - General Update for August 24th

2021-08-24 21:37 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

#MakiBox A6 - General Update for August 24th

It has been one of those weeks of packed days and constant incremental progress.



We are making progress on many fronts of wrapping up the development and continue to get things setup in preparation for the production.

Where to start?

We are working with the new pellet nozzle and will need to modify the first barrel diameter to be a little larger than this prototype is. The secondary (output) nozzle looks to be OK, but the larger feed nozzle is creating too much binding between the screw and the barrel.

The assembly and electronics testing/rework area is starting to come together. Also our inventory system is beginning to take shape. 




We continue to refine how we handle the CNC parts and are coming up with ways to optomize production and reduce waste.


Checking out main switch options.



These boards are the prototypes for the temperature sensor. The final design will be an extrusion system board that offloads all of that functionality to a separate controller so that the motion control can be improved on.


Today we had the opportunity to have a demo of a thermal imaging camera which we will be renting for proper testing of the hotbeds and hotend designs. One general effect that none of us anticipated was that the IR of the surroundings is reflected by our shiny metal bits. For doing the final testing we will need to alter the surface to make it emit IR cleanly.






Either way, the pictures are pretty cool to look at, but the temperatures are not scaled properly and the hotbeds do not show up as hot, but are showing a reflection of the ceiling.


This camera costs as much as a car, which is why we won't be buying one quite yet.

We should have very steady progress over the next few days, so stay tuned for more updates.



maximpulse responded:
I am really impressed with how methodical you are being!

And the brass nozzle is gorgeous. Too bad the entire machine can't be brass.

Thanks for another update, too. I realize you can't have a break-through-a-day, but it's comforting to see what's going on and that you haven't absconded to Tahiti.

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