MakiBox A6 HackJam Demo and Discussion

2022-02-01 17:20 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox A6 HackJam Demo and Discussion

This is the first public demo of the prototype that is coming together with some good questions and discussion at the end. Look forward to seeing more progress each day. Original update pulled from below:

First off, I’m really encouraged by the response so far. In one day already 7% there to the goal. We will have updated pictures and video of the progress every day, so stay tuned.

Last night I gave an early demo at HackJam and talked through questions. The video is around 14 minutes, but covers a lot of interesting things.

Trying to wrap up the machining of the XY components today and then we can start drawing some pretty pictures to show off how well it works.

Thanks for @penguinsix for the excellent camera work.

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