MakiBox A6 - Hopper Door and Front Ports Renders

2021-07-25 16:27 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox A6 - Hopper Door and Front Ports Renders

Another day, another render to show what we are going to be putting together soon.


 So, first up, a quick, what will it look like in stainless. I'm not really convinced with this render, I think it will look pretty different, so if this doesn't look too wow, wait until we get the actual samples in hand.

Here, we see the power plug, power rocker switch, usb, and MicroSD ports (left to right, bottom to top). The power plug will be a DIN type. The power switch will be a nice chunky rocker switch, and the USB and MicroSD are front accessible since we figure you will be connecting up frequently to different devices.

Here is a revised update for the top hatch with the knob to move the pellet filling door. You may also be able to see the slide for opening the pellet escape hatch down at the bottom. It is in the open position currently, and would be nicely hidden and inset otherwise. 

 We will be ordering a few sets of these panels in the morning, hopefully have them back from our laser cutter by Friday or Saturday, and then next week will be all about the extrusion system and getting a print out.



Evan responded:
I'm curious about the use of a DIN plug for power. My understanding was that DIN connectors have a very limited current capability (they're really more for signalling) and finding power supplies using them is difficult.
ccrome responded:
Looks like they're rated for around 5A, so it depends on voltage:

They are rated for 300V, so you can potentially get 300V*5A = 1500 Watts through the connector ;-)

But, even at 24V, you can get 120 Watts through. I don't know the power requirements for the two heating elements (extruder & pellet drive), but this one ( 60 Watts.

So.... DIN seems capable, depending on input voltage.

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