MakiBox A6 Improved Z Axis

2022-02-24 22:39 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox A6 Improved Z Axis


Before making a test plot with a pen, I needed to hook up the controller and flash it with firmware that is adjusted for the MakiBox drive parameters. After getting that done, the extruder was going to be next, but ended up deciding to revise the Z Axis before moving on. I already mentioned that we were going to do one final motion platform iteration with the new 4mm brass bearings and rods, but this is the first working application of those parts.

You can see in the video that it is quite smooth, no wiggle, and will just get better with the additional support of the case and other bits better connected. Also, you can get a sense of the speed of the other axises, since they all use a common drive system. 

At the end, there is also a brief overview of the extruder build materials I'm going to be working with.

Should be some interesting bits to see tomorrow as well, we are supposed to be getting the production motors in.

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