MakiBox A6 - Keeping the Junk in the Trunk

2022-03-10 20:59 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox A6 - Keeping the Junk in the Trunk

One part of the design for the MakiBox that hadn't been detailed before was exactly how we transported material from the drive to the extruder.


It was always the thought to use a small Teflon tube to guide the material, but how to keep it within the envelope of the box was something of a question.Two ways were obvious: use a rotating right angle joint and then fix the guide tube somewhere in the frame to allow for the tube to sweep as it needs to flex during the movement, or use a fixed right angle bend coming off the extruder and then have the tube slide through a guide somewhere and have a coil of tube that allows for the movement.

It ends up that the first solution, which I tended to prefer, is pretty simple to accomplish. I was mostly worried about the rotating joint. Using Teflon tube and a bored out M3 screw to anchor it created this joint for free. Bingo!



Florian Horsch responded:
NICE! I didn't know that we're aiming for a bowden setup here :)

Good luck with the PCBs.

Jonathan Buford responded:
It's the best way to keep the motors fixed, at least for now.

Thanks, PCBs are just a bump. There is usually at least something that pops up like that for any production preparation.

Florian Horsch responded:
Take it easy! As long as you keep everybody entertained with these great blog post it's all good ;)

Ok... the wait could be easier for me than for the others... Ultimaker@home ftw.


dave45056 responded:
This looks like a potential problem area to me. When your extruder drive pushes the filament it will be under a compression load. This will change the shape of your loop before it actually moves the filament. Depending on the forces, it may move a lot. Have you thought about this?
Jonathan Buford responded:
Check out the Ultimaker and others that use this same basic arrangement. It looks like it is a manageable issue. I'm working on some additional modifications that will minimize this effect as well.
Jonathan Buford responded:
We have a few additional tools attention our disposal, so may be able to do so very quickly.


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