#MakiBox A6 Midweek Glimpse of Hot End

2021-09-12 17:48 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

#MakiBox A6 Midweek Glimpse of Hot End

We are working on the extrusion system this week, and wanted to give a preview of how things are looking.


The most striking thing is that the feed tube for the hot end is the same diameter as middle sized filament (around 1.8mm). 

We will need to sort out how to run the wire to the hot end for the heater so that it is elegant, but these are the kinds of details we are working on. We are running another batch of proto heat bed boards and will be testing some variations on temperture sensing for it that is better for production and reasonably accurate.



Torleif Ceder responded:
Looks very good. I really like the midweek glimpse format.

This idea crossed my mind. It would be really neat if the door panels were kept in place or hinged by tiny magnets. what size are the three holes in line there?

Jonathan Buford responded:
They are around 4-5mm, so it would be possible to do. I think I'll 
leave that up to a creative modder rather than attempt to design that 
in for the core design. :)
topot responded:
hehe today's morning so happy~ coz I'm watching your post now.
and I'm so exciting for the next post of hot end test.
dave45056 responded:
How much force do you think your pellet drive can put on the soft filament as it exits the pellet extruder? Seems like you will need to push the filament into the hot end with a bit of force to make it extrude out. I have seen some extruder heads strip gears or grind grooves into the filament while pushing in into the hot end. This, by comparison, looks like there will be VERY little force behind that filament. Won't this affect the speed and accuracy of the prints?
Jonathan Buford responded:
Much of the force is side loading in existing drives, this is axial drive from the pressure immediately behind the filament. The filament itself is significantly smaller and so less friction and also less total force for a given pressure on the output side. The pellet drive itself is very high pressure, so the resulting force is pretty good and should be sufficient to have consistent output. We will be testing this, but it doesn't appear there should be a problem. Short answer, the system is more efficient, so there is less force needed for the same output.

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