#MakiBox A6 Midweek Update - Finding The Drive

2021-09-26 16:51 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

#MakiBox A6 Midweek Update - Finding The Drive


We are continuing our grind on tweaking the drive and generally seeing more and more consistent results from it.

 In general, things are really starting to get a nice buzz here in the lab, and I think everyone is seeing things heading towards wrapping up.

Our end of the week update will likely be on sometime during the weekend, depending on how things progress tomorrow.



friendsonearth responded:
HI, just like to know any chance the pellet will get caught between the chamber?
Jonathan Buford responded:
@friendsonearth - Yep, those are the little bits we are working through which takes a lot of small tests on various geometry. We have a revised design that we are building starting tomorrow that should simplify the feeding and drive portions.

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