MakiBox A6 Progress - MakiLab, Tilt Mechanism, and CNC Machine

2021-04-11 22:56 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox A6 Progress - MakiLab, Tilt Mechanism, and CNC Machine

Today has been a day of running around from place to place trying to pull together everything. We've covered building a tilt mechanism for the table for calibration, secured a CNC machine and almost a new mill and lathe, and picked up the keys to the still under renovation lab.


Here is the pile of the materials for making the current orders. Most of those boxen are the power supplies. All of this will get shifted to a truck and taken over from our current office space at BootHK to the new space tomorrow.

The MakiLab is shaping up, but they are making fast progress.

This is the view from the taxi while waiting to cross the harbour. At this same point, I'm taking care of transferring a payment to a vendor on my tablet and we are calling through to make arrangements for moving things around.

This is the CNC machine. It is a lucky find, never used and never abused, came re-fitted with significantly better control electronics than what you would get when ordering from China factories. Usually the mechanisms are good, but the controls are not so.

Unfortunately, we were not as lucky with the mill and lathe we planned to pick up today from the store. They had just sold the model we want, so we will need to find another local supplier or order it from China directly. Should still have it by the end of the week if we are lucky.

Billy Han (@billyhan) and me when recording the video.

A closer view of the tilt mechanism. It will allow for pretty easy adjustment. I'll look at using just a single M6 screw instead and see if that holds well enough. 

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