#MakiBox A6 - Sunday Scribble Teaser

2021-11-26 09:18 by Nils Hitze (comments: 1)

Jon at TedX

Sorry for being a bit silent, we had kind of a hyper busy weekend and i was ill for the last five days.

Jon was at TedX presenting the #makibox and the whole team worked from Friday to Saturday - to finish our newest brainchild - the Scribble

Jon will give you a more detailed post on the BetaBoxes, the Scribble and the general situation tomorrow, he just went to bed early.


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Comment by andybox | 2021-11-26

A handheld extruder...interesting.

This sounds like a pretty simple Makibox accessory by attaching the "wand" to the teflon tube and adding a manual "extrude" switch, so why bother with a separately boxed, lower margin dollars, offering at all? I wouldn't....

This new accessory may sell more Makiboxes, if couched as such...I think that should be your goal with this.

It's your business model, but don't let "nifty" bite you in the butt and lose your focus. Enhance your sales, don't dilute your resources this early in the game....my $0.02

It is nifty, though. Keep thinking and innovating....