MakiBox A6 Table Movement and Next Steps

2022-02-18 22:48 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox A6 Table Movement and Next Steps

Here is the prototype print bed moving up and down along with the X & Y. I'm pretty happy with how it is working, but can see it will benefit from the same bearings upgrade as the rest. One cool thing to note is that since all 3 major axies have the same screw drive, it looks possible to do a lightweight 3D milling operation for foam and other materials easy to cut.

I'm heading to China tomorrow with the HackJam group and will visit the electronics area there, so I can pick up a few parts I need for wiring up the separate controller. Later, we are heading to the local Hackerspace, so will be a fun and interesting day.

I'll try to get the dedicated electronics wrapped up for this Sunday, so I can do some more test prints or other things to understand better what needs to be improved. Next week I will make the extruder and drive, and a friend of mine will be helping to wrap up the revisions to the mechanism so we can get the next (final) iteration prototyped in a week. This next one will be a pre-production unit, so should be pretty close to the one we will ship in March.



ipeerbhai (Twitter) responded:
Congratulations. Getting X/Y smooth and fast is hard -- this is pretty cool!
Jonathan Buford responded:

Thanks! This is working out pretty well, and more so for seeing how we can extend it into other machines. I've got at least one design feature I want to prototype and introduce into the RepRap design.

dwayner responded:
Hi there, Jon.

I can't help thinking that you are really going to add another drive screw to the Z axis. The logical place to put the 2nd screw is kitty-corner to the first (the current screw is front left, the 2nd might go on the rear right.

I *really* think that you will get significant racking and twisting once you get the weight of half a kilo of plastic on the platform.

The 2nd screw can be driven either with a belt from the 1st or from a 2nd stepper motor. I would think that both motors could come from the same driver, though.

I hope that I'm wrong and really look forward to hearing how you make out with this.


Jonathan Buford responded:

Ah, there is a more simple solution, either way, but the best one for a small table is to make it very rigid. I would not ever go with a second screw, like in the RepRap design, it is a poor solution. Sorry to be vague about my solution, but prefer to keep some ideas to myself for now.

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