#MakiBox A6 Teaser - Putting The Spring Back into 3D Printing

2021-09-19 17:11 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

#MakiBox A6 Teaser - Putting The Spring Back into 3D Printing


On one hand we've been doing variations on the piston approach that we started last week, and on the other we are working on continuous feed mechanisms that are compact enough for our use. 

 Tomorrow is a busy day lined up with at least 3 different prototypes of continuous feed mechanisms to test. 

Friday should be interesting.



David Contreni responded:
That's a lot of springs.

We've seen various assemblies apparently doing their thing. And while I don't recall seeing this new hot end in action, it has the look of something that's "finished." With the understanding that there will certainly be a round of testing, tweaking and refining once everything goes together--Is the pellet feed mechanisim the last major assembly to be conquered? I'm not baiting you for an argument. Just genuinely curious.

Jonathan Buford responded:

Yep, that is the gist of it.

strabley (Twitter) responded:
Are you investigating using an auger based feed system?
Jonathan Buford responded:

We are looking at many options, but we have to get a little creative to make something a suitable size.

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