#MakiBox A6 - Tuning into a Print

2021-11-07 17:35 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 7)

Today has been another long day of getting the test machine up and running. It is really looking sweet as far as the movement, but it looks like the test print will happen tomorrow after making a revised nozzle.


The current nozzle has an output of 0.3mm, which provides a fair amount of back pressure. It looks like we might move to a 0.4mm output for testing and then go back to tune up the rest of the system to get back to the 0.3mm.

In the photos, you can see all the little blobs, each one represents an attempt at different settings and other things, but it looks like the nozzle is the culpret at the moment keeping us from having our fun.





The video was taken at the end of the testing today, and I was attempting to try a lower temp, so it looks like it got stuffed up very quickly. Earlier, it would generally keep on coming out very quickly and smoothly. 

Anyhow, time to take a break and get back at it tomorrow.

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Comment by Maxim | 2021-11-08

It's great to see incremental progress!
As I watched the video, it crossed my mind how very many pieces you have had to create so far. And then getting those pieces to fit and work together. And try to stay within a predefined budget.
And to reflect on how much others have done before to lead you to your branching off to your own improvisations and improvements.
For a moment it all looks impossible to ever come to this point, and yet here I am, watching it in a video.
Pretty darned amazing.
Thanks for playing your part in creating "the future".

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-11-08

@Maxim - Thanks! I think we will do a quick video of all the different improvements in one go so that everyone has a clear idea of what has been built and what has been borrowed. For the most part, everything is built from the ground up. And each part has been iterated through several generations of designs.

It is good to see the end of this particular development project heading to a close, we are all really looking forward to see what people do with the technology.

Comment by Alex | 2021-11-09

So I was just wondering if the test print has happened yet. I know you have been busy changing the website, I am just very excited to hear about what has happened. And I was curious if everything has been falling into place for you to create a final schedule.

Comment by Alex | 2021-11-09

Well it look's like it posted.

Comment by Elliott Polk | 2021-11-09

Soon the real test print...

Comment by clem | 2021-11-09

can´t wait to see it

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-11-09

Me too. :)