#MakiBox A6 Weekly Update - Openly Busy

2021-09-30 16:20 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

#MakiBox A6 Weekly Update - Openly Busy


This has been a very busy week, but it is one of those that is difficult to show the results of that work in the current state.


On the pellet drive side, we have good results on the spring based screw drive, but are having to run through a lot of different options for how to feed the pellets into the system, and also different configurations of the system. At this point, we have made thirteen different setups that use the spring screw, so we are getting a lot of good data to work with. We have pretty high hopes for this next iteration that will put all of that together.

In the picture above, you might notice a small daughter board on the Printrboard. That is hooked up to the I2C bus for testing out a thermal sensing method we are using for the hot ends.

And, just to cover the rest of what is in the video, one other big topic this week was open source. We are going with a model for both this and future projects that will allow us to do real R&D, but put the results into public domain with an open license. We can see that by supporting a strong open community, we will be able to see this technology really grow into its potential. We will start with helping to set up an open project that is a complete stack that will be announced in the coming weeks. This would also include our hardware technology, as we hit our sales targets for opening it up. 


We know everyone wants to see the final output or at least some cool demonstration of what we are working on, hopefully we will get this portion wrapped up and be able to show you exactly that soon. We've got a busy week planned.

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