MakiBox - General Update

2021-07-10 17:32 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox - General Update

The last week has been a bit hectic for me, so the final pellet drive update is still underway. In the mean time a lot is still happening to make the MakiBox really awesome.


I'll do some more detailed updates of each of these in the coming days, but I wanted to give some idea of the final developments that are going on in parallel to the main work that everyone is following. 

The top photo shows the setup for testing the heated print bed. We've designed the PCB heater that goes into that to give a nice even heating pattern that will give consistent prints regardless of where you print on it. We found that the typical layout created a hot spot in the middle with cold edges. We are also testing some different configurations of the temperature probe for measuring the temperature accurately, as we found a pretty large gap between how it is usually measured with the actual surface temperature, on the order of 10-20C. 


As we posted earlier, we are starting to crank out the parts for the production units for things we are 100% sure will not change at the moment, and we are in parallel doing small tweaks to improve the other parts until we have to freeze the design.



The last few days have been filled with getting the startup incubator program settled into my co-work space in Wan Chai, BootHK. Boot.Camp is the first program of its kind, and marks a formal transition that I can start getting out of running BootHK directly. Part of the transition was doing a general cleanup of the space and moving the remaining stuff to our lab. Now we are doing a full inventory of everything and getting the supplies arranged so that we can start using the inventory system we are building in house to manage our supplies, orders, and assembly.

All of these things are kind of boring or small features, but will all add up to a great product. 

Stay tuned for a more full featured update tomorrow. We will see if it is possible to wrap up the design of the pellet drive tomorrow and cut the parts the same day.



JimLindForPope (Twitter) responded:
Good to hear you are still making progress.
David Contreni responded:
Thanks for the update Jon. It's always good to hear what you guys are up to.
SolanGu (Twitter) responded:
With this kind of force you could maybe aswell grind the plastic into dust and then heat it into a string

My humble and uneducated suggestion for a pellet-to-string transformer would be to have a pool of hot melted plastic, with some wire-mesh halfway down into the pool, and a screw at the bottom, for extruding molten plastic through a nozzle and into string form

This way, the pellets would fall into the bath, land on the mesh wire and lay there until they melted, wich gently would feed the screw enough material to keep the string churning out

Many ways lead to Rome - and I am sure you will come up with a satisfactory solution, any day now :)

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