#MakiBox - Hangout on Air Details

2021-08-17 21:59 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

#MakiBox - Hangout on Air Details


We've set up the event for 9pm HK time tonight. If there is anyone that can't make it then, but can make it to the original 7pm, let us know. We are hoping this will be a little bit better for those between Europe and Asia, moving in a Westward direction. 

See you soon.



tecdroid responded:
7pm would be about 1pm here. 
for me this would be great today.
for others, 3pm (9pm in hk) would be better i think. I don't know if i could be there then, depends on weather.. ;)
nilsarne (Twitter) responded:
Is there any special thing I have to do to see your hangout in about an hour? Can't attend or make any other things on the google+ site.
justmad responded:
i think the people that joined the hangout, will actually be able to talk.

"normal" viewers should be able to join when the stream starts.

also again for everyone: you're all welcome to join the IRC, too, we're a bit lonely there atm ;)

join #makibox on the freenode servers or use the webchat:http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=makibox&uio=mt1mywxzzq9a

Jonathan Buford responded:
What is your G+ Name? Or perhaps try posting a comment on the Makible page there?
Sebastian Herp responded:
Did they finally demonstrate something being printed? You guys keep talking about being in production soon, but we have yet to see if this printer can print stuff. It's hard to imagine the mechanism that gets the plastic from the pellet drive to the hot end and on the plate at the correct position to "just work" and not take another month or two to really get it working ;-)

I know how this sounds, but I am one of your backers and you kind of said you'll soon try out printing over a month ago. I think it's great what you have achieved so far, but print print print ;-)

Jonathan Buford responded:
We didn't get the new nozzle finished for the hangout, but expect to show that soon. We anticipate about two weeks of mechanically tuning the mechanism and at that point we can start the final production steps. The software can be tuned from that point on to continue refining the output more.
Sebastian Herp responded:
That is awesome to hear, Jon. Looking forward to that "Howdi folks" video ;-)
topot responded:
Cheer up makible team! And hope you get a relax to make it better.
tecdroid responded:
to me, the hangout was very interesting. too bad that i couldn't see it to the end (i'll try to watch tonight) 
as sebastian said, looking forwar to that "Howdi folks" :)

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