Makibox is singing

2021-05-30 20:24 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

Makibox is singing

The stepping motors are creating musicals!

Don't worry - the real makibox will be much more quiet than that - or at least it will sing in harmony.




David Contreni responded:
Every time I see the Makibox case, or the action of the mechanism, I feel sorry for all those new 3d printer builders who are trying to fund an "evolved" product--at 3 and 4 times the price of a Makibox.
Felix Lam responded:
Thanks David. Your words are big encouragement for us to make it a reality!
exilaus (Twitter) responded:
I confirm David's opinion.. you and your team mix perfectly 3 point. clean and funcional design, hw quality and price . Makibox is milestone for 3d printers.

Great work guy's!

..... sound now are similiar my cnc LOL :)

is my old test(frist run)...this summer if have time test final version of my simple cnc.

Felix Lam responded:
@exilaus Thanks. Looks like the Makibox can sing with your CNC in harmony :)
exilaus (Twitter) responded:
LOL! next time try to organize orchestra show!! :D 
Ehi why you don't sleep? :) no work too much!
Felix Lam responded:
Working on the soft launch of new @Makible site. Stay tuned.
EmaCartoon (Twitter) responded:
I kind of don't want it quieter... It sounds beautiful!


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